GOALS  of 

  • To enhance awareness of intercultural issues in all interactions
  • To facilitate communication and respect between and among people of different cultures
  • To improve intercultural relations, both domestic and global
  • To encourage the highest standards of ethics and conduct among intercultural specialists according to the SIETAR-USA Living Code of Ethical Behavior (learn more)
  • To promote the exchange of information, knowledge, and expertise in the intercultural field

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Did you know...

SIETAR USA's Living Code of Ethical Behavior was originally created in 2013? The 2021 Ethics Committee has been hard at work updating the Code to make it more relevant and reflective of the work our members are doing in the DEI and Intercultural fields. We are pleased to announce that the updated code has been approved by the SIETAR USA Board of Directors, and is now available.

Visit the Ethics pages of the website to hear from the Committee and download your copy of the Living Code!

Check Out: the Aperian Global Partnership

We are pleased to announce a partnership between SIETAR USA and Aperian Global where all online learning available on Aperian Global's GlobeSmart website is now available to SIETAR USA Members at a 20% discount! 

To learn more, check the Membership Discounts page under 'Get Involved' here on the SIETAR USA website. 


Recognizing that this could be a very long list, we would like to bring into the room, the name of George Floyd. In the strongest possible terms, SIETAR USA:

  • Believes Black Lives Matter
  • Condemns police violence
  • Supports peaceful protest
  • Values authentic and honest dialog
Racial injustice is embedded into U.S. culture and there is no single solution that will take care of everything that needs to be changed and improved. We need to begin by eliminating racism in our own SIETAR USA house. We need to listen to each other—in a learning mode—and be willing to explore ways we can make effective changes. READ MORE

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Please welcome the following individuals and/or organizations who have made a membership committment to SIETAR USA in the past month:

 Rhonda Coast Amber Cordell       
 Jeanette (Cookie) Fischer Kelli Fritsche
 Aysa Grayson-Aulbach Michel Gueldry
 Michele Hanna JMarie Johnson-Kola
 Emily Kawasaki Geoff Lawrence
 Naomi Ludeman LaVonna Phillips
 Jessica Rathke Alan Richter
 Thais Santiso Kavitha Sathi
 Sue Shinomiya Donna Stringer
 Susan Svensson 
 Shannon Mason / City of Beaverton, OR


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