GOALS  of 

  • To enhance awareness of intercultural issues in all interactions
  • To facilitate communication and respect between and among people of different cultures
  • To improve intercultural relations, both domestic and global
  • To encourage the highest standards of ethics and conduct among intercultural specialists according to the SIETAR-USA Living Code of Ethical Behavior (learn more)
  • To promote the exchange of information, knowledge, and expertise in the intercultural field

In Memoriam: Dr. Sherri Jones Tapp

Dear SIETAR USA family,

We have sadly lost our dear Sister, friend, mentor, and leader Sherri Tapp. Sherri was an integral part of SIETAR USA leadership as the Director for Membership Outreach and Development.

As we process this devastating heartbreak both individually and as a community, let us pause to reflect on Sherri's impactful legacy in all her work. 

A reminder to take time for your own self-care. Let's reach out and lean on each other where and when needed, and when we feel we are ready, to be available to hold those spaces for others.

We will be creating messages that will no doubt never communicate enough how privileged we have been to have Sherri in our lives. Please submit any ideas you might have to make such tributes meet that high standard. Thank you.

NEW: Aperian Global Partnership

We are pleased to announce a partnership between SIETAR USA and Aperian Global where all online learning available on Aperian Global's GlobeSmart website is now available to SIETAR USA Members at a 20% discount! 

To learn more, check the Membership Discounts page under 'Get Involved' here on the SIETAR USA website. 


Recognizing that this could be a very long list, we would like to bring into the room, the name of George Floyd. In the strongest possible terms, SIETAR USA:

  • Believes Black Lives Matter
  • Condemns police violence
  • Supports peaceful protest
  • Values authentic and honest dialog
Racial injustice is embedded into U.S. culture and there is no single solution that will take care of everything that needs to be changed and improved. We need to begin by eliminating racism in our own SIETAR USA house. We need to listen to each other—in a learning mode—and be willing to explore ways we can make effective changes. READ MORE

News & Updates

Spotlight on Ethics

The SIETAR USA Ethics Committee and Chair are responsible for the coordination of educational activities designed to support the understanding of and participation in the LIVING CODE. As part of these efforts, the committee presents Critical Incidents to encourage discussion of ethical issues. To participate in these discussions, please visit the Ethics Critical Incidents posted on the Critical Incidents page.

Upcoming events


Please welcome the following individuals and/or organizations who have made a committment to SIETAR USA in the past month:

 Mari Alexander Erica Andree
 Noor Azizan-Gardner Mayira Bunting
 Diane Cotsonas Christopher Deal
 Alejandra Enriquez Jill Forest
 Anne-Claire Frank Allison Gordon
 Constance Hope Rasmi Kapse
 Susan Kelly Soumaya Khalifa
 Ruhi Khan Lionel King
 John Knight Evelyn LaTorre
 Claire Lematta Rebecca Martin
 Christina Overturf Goodwin Keiko Ozeki
 Cassie Quinlan Mel Schnapper
 Ilse van Goth Marcia Warren Edelman
 Yvonne Wolf 

SIETAR USA appreciates the support of its 2020 Conference Sponsors and Exhibitors!

Sandra M. Fowler

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