GOALS  of 

  • To enhance awareness of intercultural issues in all interactions
  • To facilitate communication and respect between and among people of different cultures
  • To improve intercultural relations, both domestic and global
  • To encourage the highest standards of ethics and conduct among intercultural specialists according to the SIETAR-USA Living Code of Ethical Behavior (learn more)
  • To promote the exchange of information, knowledge, and expertise in the intercultural field

A Message from the
SIETAR USA Board of Directors

On behalf of the SIETAR USA Board of Directors, we want to express our concern for all our members and members of the broader intercultural and DEI community around the world.

Those of us who have worked in relocation know that one of the most difficult times in a move is when  you have packed your belongings and said goodbye to your comfortable, familiar environment but haven’t yet reached your new life in a different culture with its unforeseen challenges and demands. Preparation helps ease the discomfort of the limbo stage but you still have to go through it. Limbo is where all of us are living right now. COVID-19 has shaken us out of our familiar routines...READ MORE


The 2020 National Conference

will be VIRTUAL!

Date(s) TBD - Early October 2020

"Moving Forward: Learning from the Global Crisis"

Dear Members of SIETAR Worldwide,

Our vision for the 2020 virtual conference is to explore and apply our knowledge and skills that can make a difference in places of work, service, and learning, in social and interpersonal spaces, on a global scale and in our local communities. How can our understanding of intercultural and diversity dynamics help shape the new reality of the world of work, education, the public sector, and every sphere of the societies in which we live?  As interculturalists and inclusiveness practitioners, we are called to action in this moment of disruption, ambiguity, and transformation. Helping others navigate the unknown is what we do, it is what we are built for. In 2020, we will be bringing our growing SIETAR community together in our first-ever virtual gathering.

Due to this change, a revised CFP will be released soon with a new submission deadline.

Click HERE for updates on the CFP:


Get involved: Volunteer to help with the 2020 virtual conference!

SIETAR USA Conference Volunteers for 2020 will enjoy being part of the frontline action as we develop and deliver our first virtual conference! Your support and efforts will ensure the conference runs smoothly, and your assistance to your colleagues and the conference organizers will be invaluable!

Interested in volunteering? Email to have your name added to the volunteer roster!

More details available soon!

Spotlight on Ethics

The SIETAR USA Ethics Committee and Chair are responsible for the coordination of educational activities designed to support the understanding of and participation in the LIVING CODE. As part of these efforts, the committee presents Critical Incidents to encourage discussion of ethical issues. To participate in these discussions, please visit the Ethics Critical Incidents posted on the Critical Incidents page.

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Mari Alexander Alysara Mayers-Green

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Chris Cartwright Stephanie Montgomery

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Rashmi Kapse Kate Saunders

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