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Dedicated to providing continuing professional education opportunities, the Webinar Series from SIETAR USA features leading practitioners working in key areas of intercultural and DEIB theory and practice.

The depth and diversity of the webinars is designed to grow your knowledge base and to provide a positive impact on your work in the ever-evolving professional landscape. The Webinar Series is just one example of  SIETAR USA’s commitment to support transformational growth and intercultural understanding through professional interchange with a commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging and social justice.

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AI is Now! How artificial intelligence is changing the way we work today & tomorrow. 

March 13 11:30 am-1:00 pm (US Eastern)

Artificial Intelligence has become an integral part of the everyday work of trainers, coaches and teachers and will continue to radically change our working world. Not there yet or already using some AI? Regardless of where you are in your AI exploration, this session will provide a closer look at the potentials of artificial intelligence specifically for intercultural/DEIB practitioners.- What do you need to know about the functioning of AI when you work with it?- How can you collaborate efficiently with AI?- What are some exciting use cases for AI?- What fascinating AI tools are there besides ChatGPT?All these questions will be answered in a 60-minute presentation followed by discussion and Q&A.


Stephan Ruppert                                                          

Stephan Ruppert, based in Hamburg, Germany, works as a trainer and lecturer for Intercultural communication and intercultural leadership. His regional focus is Germany and Asia, especially China, where he worked as a manager for 3 years. Stephan’s fascination for new technologies led him to early exploration of tools like Chat GPT and Midjourney. He has designed a unique AI training program tailored specifically for trainers, coaches, and educators and demonstrates in his trainings how generative AI can improve efficiency and quality of output for typical use cases. Stephan leads the newly formed AI working group within SIETAR Germany. 

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Upcoming Webinars:

April 10thNavigating the Storm: Unpacking Class, Language, and Ideology in a Fragmented Society

Presented by: Femi Higgins

May 8th - Strengthening Resilience through Belonging: Lessons from BIPOC Communities

Presented by: Danice L. Brown, Ph.D

*This webinar was rescheduled from December 2023. 


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