2022 SIETAR USA National Conference

Mind | Culture | Society

Integrating Interculturalism and Inclusion

November 3-6, 2022

Hilton Omaha
Omaha, NE


Mind, Culture, and Society 

The third time is the charm! Please plan to join SIETAR USA in Omaha November 3-6, 2022 as we gather to explore connections between Mind, Culture, and Society! How does the intersection of these three vital aspects change how we view and react to the world around us?  The schisms in today’s world—rural/urban immigrant/citizen; and the gaps caused by differences in religion, race, gender identity, and politics—challenge us daily. How can integrating intercultural and inclusion concepts and practices make a difference when working at the edges of Mind, Culture and Society? How does a deeper understanding of the intersection of these three factors enhance our capacity to bridge such schisms?  This conference will shine a light on the impact of emerging neuroscience applications, current perspectives on culture, and social parameters within the Intercultural and Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion fields.

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The three educational pillars for this year's conference include:

Mind & Body

Leveraging Neuroscience, Mindfulness, Somatic Intelligence and Beyond

Scientists studying the brain have applied their findings to many areas of human interaction.

Most significantly, neuroscientists are increasing our understanding of the mind in such areas as prejudice and bias, culture, resiliency, and leadership. 

What can we learn from them that applies to our work?

How can the mind-body connection be leveraged to heal schisms and historic trauma?

How can the practice of mindfulness facilitate greater understanding and more equitable outcomes?

Can embedding intercultural and inclusion in our work produce a better result?

How can we decolonize the mind?

What current research can we apply?


What are the new and emerging conceptualizations of culture, identity, and intercultural competence and their applications? 

How does integrating intercultural and inclusion affect outcomes of training, coaching, and teaching?

Have the events of the past few years with the widespread focus on anti-racism initiatives and the increased awareness of the pervasive impact of white supremacy influenced your approach to learning and teaching about intercultural competence? 

Have you changed and adapted your focus on culture and identity in response to our current challenges?  Why or why not? 

What are ways forward that attend to both interpersonal and structural aspects of learners’ needs?


What have we learned about the issues facing today’s societies
around the world and how can they help create a more positive impact in the USA and vice versa?

What is the role or duty of the intercultural or DEI professional?

Prominent among the issues facing us as professionals is the impact of racial aggression, health pandemics, challenges to democracies, new and ongoing civil unrest, immigrant and migrant issues, and concerns regarding racial and gender identity.

How do these issues shape the work we do on the ground and how are they shaped by our work?

And finally, how do the intercultural and DEI perspectives intersect and inform each other?

Our pre-conference Master Workshop Day and all sessions will be focused in Education, Training or Research in these areas. This year’s Call for Proposals (CFP) has closed.


We've waited a LONG time for this! We hope you'll plan to join us in Omaha for a conference designed to support you with stimulating thinking, inspiring insights, expanding skills and renewing commitments—we will work together to explore important questions and seek avenues of human connection.

The SIETAR USA National Conference provides the space to:

Engage boldly in the difficult dialogues about what disconnects us.
Bring us closer to a shared understanding and empathy.


Explore together concepts, tools, best practices – and even solutions.
Bridge the gaps and move toward integrating Intercultural and Inclusion.

Who Should Attend

At a time when the world needs the wisdom and work of SIETAR USA members and friends more than ever, the national conference brings together professionals from many regions, ethnicities, occupations and industries for collaborative learning and a stimulating exchange of ideas. This conference is designed for those who teach, train, work, or conduct research in arenas where intercultural competence, bridging differences, and social justice, equity and inclusion are important.  

Whether you are new to these fields or an experienced practitioner, the SIETAR USA conference offers learning and personal connections that will enhance your capacity to meet the needs of your students, colleagues, communities, and families. 

Do you seek to share your expertise as a presenter and learn from others, or want to meet and greet colleagues and friends? Please plan to join us in Omaha.  We look forward to meeting you in the Heartland of America where the Silicon Prairie is powered by a can-do spirit that weaves us together to achieve our dreams and uplifts each for the benefit of all. SIETAR USA acknowledges and offers respect to the past, present and future Traditional Custodians  of the land where our 2022 conference will take place, the Omaha-Ponca, and other Plains Tribes: the Oto, Pawnee, Winnebago, Sac, Fox, and Lakota Sioux.

SIETAR USA Conference attendees come from:

✔️ Global Business and Multinational Corporations

✔️ Global Virtual Team Members, Leaders and Facilitators

✔️ Education

✔️ Health Services

✔️ Training, Coaching, and Facilitation

✔️ Intercultural & DEI Writers, Podcasters, Bloggers & Vloggers

✔️ Global Mobility and Relocation

✔️ Research

✔️ Government

✔️ Refugee and Immigrant Support Services

✔️ Domestic Diversity

✔️ Global Diversity

✔️ Cultural Transitions

✔️ Peace and Conflict Resolution

✔️ Tourism

✔️ Communication and Dialogue Professions

✔️ Community Development

✔️ And more...

Meet the Conference Team

The 2022 Conference Co-Chairs Welcome You to Mind • Culture • Society

2022 -- Meet the 2022 SIETAR USA Conference Co-Chairs in this video! Thorunn Bijarnadottir and Ferial Pearson talk with SIETAR USA President Brett Parry and share how they both came to SIETAR USA, their plans for this year's conference, and their Call to Action for YOU!

Video Poster Image

Thorunn Bjarnadottir

Principal and Director
Dancing With Differences, LLC

Thorunn Bjarnadottir, MA, is an experienced cross-cultural trainer with over 20 years’ experience in higher education, and intercultural leadership development is her passion. She is the Director of Intercultural Education at the University of Minnesota, International Student and Scholar Services. In that capacity, she is extensively involved in efforts to make the University’s students ready to work in a more interconnected global world.

Ferial Pearson

Assistant Professor
University of Nebraska-Omaha
Secret Kindness Agent, Mama Beast & TedX Speaker

Dr. Pearson - aka Mama Beast - is a mother, activist, author, educator, speaker, poet, comedienne, cook, sourdough artist, and citizen of the world. She founded the Secret Kindness Agents Project and is an Assistant Professor of Teacher Education at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. She has been teaching humans of all ages for 20 years in the Omaha area. As a Kenyan Indian Muslim immigrant queer disabled woman of color, she is passionate about working towards Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Accessibility, and Kindness.  

2022 Conference Planning Team

Conference Co-Chair: Thorunn Bjarnadottir; [email protected]

Conference Co-Chair: Ferial Pearson; [email protected]


Program Co-Chair: Melissa Graetz; [email protected]

Program Co-Chair: Ricardo Nunez; [email protected]

Track Chairs - Mind

Shannon Murphy; [email protected]

Marcia Warren; [email protected]

Track Chairs - Culture

Kris Acheson-Clair; [email protected]

Dr. Rajesh Kumar; [email protected]

Track Chairs - Society

Herbie Thompson III; [email protected]

Dr. Kwesi Ewoodzie; [email protected]


Scholarship Chair: Bob Boyce; [email protected]

Sponsor / Exhibit / Advertisement Chair:
Caliopy Glaros; [email protected]

Silent Auction Chair: Monica Mumford; [email protected]

Wellness Chair: Debra Freathy [email protected]


Conference Oversight Director: Karen J. Lokkesmoe; [email protected]

Conference Oversight Assistant: Sandra M. Fowler; [email protected]

SIETAR USA President: Brett D. Parry; [email protected]

Conference Coordinator: Karen Fouts; [email protected]

2022 Keynote Speakers

Mind | Culture | Society

Opening Keynote

Friday, November 4 - 9:00 am-10:00 am

Managing the Brain’s Us/Them Divide: Creating Connections Across Differences

Presenter: Shannon Murphy
Owner & Co-Founder, [email protected]

To open the 2022 conference and our time together creating connections, Shannon Murphy-Robinson will start us on that path. It's more important than ever to be mindful of this fact: when it comes to working across cultures and differences, the brain can trip us up, no matter how well intentioned we are. The good news is we can learn to recognize and repattern the brain’s base instincts. We can build meaningful connections across differences that are defined by love, care, and compassion.

Closing Keynote

Sunday, November 6 - 1:30 pm-2:30 pm

Neuroscience: Hope and Hype

Presenter: Dr. Mai Nguyen-Phuong-Mai
Associate Professor, Amsterdam University of Applied Science, 
Owner, Culture Move

Schedule At A Glance

More details coming soon!

November 3 - Master Workshops a.m. & p.m.

November 4 - Conference Begins; Opening Keynote & full day of sessions

November 5 - Conference Day 2; Annual Business Meeting (breakfast), followed by a full day of sessions 

November 6 - Final day of sessions w/ Closing Keynote over lunch.

Detailed Schedule



Master Workshops

Thursday, November 3, 2022

How do YOU expand your repertoire? Learn about advances in research? Spend time with experts in the field?

The SIETAR USA Master Workshops offer all those opportunities and more! Join us in Omaha on November 3 for a day of the very best in continuing education for intercultural and DEI professionals. Education, leadership, healing, and training techniques are all part of the mix. The workshops listed below are confirmed as is the schedule. 

You can purchase a ticket for one (1) or two (2) Master Workshops, and will have the opportunity to make your selections as you register: 

One (1) workshop = a.m. OR p.m. / Two (2) workshops = a.m. AND p.m.

Registration is NOW OPEN

Master Workshops Schedule at a Glance

Morning Workshops – 8:00 am-12 noon

An Applied Polyvagal Approach to Intercultural Interactions and Decreasing Polarization

Dr. Cheryl Forster

Building the Inspired Inclusive Organization: Engaging with Race Issues as a Catalyst for Change

Noor Azizan-Gardner

Understanding W.E.I.R.D.* Cultures: Experiential Activities for Reducing Participant and Institutional Bias

Jon DeVries and Alex Cleberg

Afternoon Workshops – 1:00 pm-5:00 pm

Crossing Party Lines: Building Bridges between IC and EDI in Higher Education

Dr. Kris Acheson-Clair & Nastasha E. Johnson

Impact! High Leverage Interventions for Culture Change

joe gerstandt

How to Use Theatre as a Tool for Intercultural Understanding

Kelli McLoud-Schingen and Dionne Lambert

Morning Workshops – 8:00 AM-12 Noon

An Applied Polyvagal Approach to Intercultural Interactions and Decreasing Polarization


Dr. Cheryl Forster

Studying our nervous system as an access point for change can increase our ability to be effective during challenging life circumstances.  According to Deb Dana (2020), the nervous system is key because when the brain and the nervous system do not agree, the nervous system will win every time.  One influential framework for understanding the nervous system is Polyvagal Theory by Stephen Porges.  Polyvagal Theory is often referred to as the neuroscience of safety and connection, and it is a core component of trauma work.  Neuroscience in trauma therapy has exploded in the past twenty-five years.  It has helped us understand our experiences, emotions, relationships, stories, communication, and ability to cope in more nuanced ways. Read more... 

About Dr. Forster

Dr. Cheryl Forster is a clinical psychologist and the Coordinator of Diversity and Psychology Programs at Portland State University’s (PSU) Center for Student Health and Counseling.  She also has a professional intercultural training business called Bookmark Connections; her workshops focus on integrating intercultural communication, social justice, and applied Polyvagal perspectives.  Cheryl has obtained her Intercultural Practitioner Certificate from the highly respected Intercultural Communication Institute, completed the Brain, Mind and Culture certification from the Japan Intercultural Institute, and is a CQ Certified Facilitator and IDI qualified administrator, as well as a contributing author in The SAGE Encyclopedia of Intercultural Competence (2015) and a former ACCTA Diversity Scholar.  Read more…


Building the Inspired Inclusive Organization: Engaging with Race Issues as a Catalyst for Change


Noor Azizan-Gardner

How can an intercultural leader build the trust and bridges necessary for optimum engagement and heightened sense of belonging? What knowledge-sharing must occur with the organizations’ diverse employees and leaders? What skill sets must be developed and honed? Can we do this in the extremely polarized political climate of today?

This workshop invites participants to reflect, discuss and develop skill sets to effectively engage and provide safety and support for candid and difficult conversations on race as part of a critical process for transforming the organization to a more inclusive, innovative, and human-centric workplace. Read more...

About Noor Azizan-Gardner

Noor Azizan-Gardner, originally from Malaysia, is Founder and President of Baru Global Creatives Group, LLC, a consulting company which assists organizations and institutions with building innovative inclusive organizational culture through fostering inspired leaders and employees. Previous leadership positions in DEI include the University of Missouri where she created the Chancellor’s Diversity Initiative which provided consultation and services in the areas of diversity, cultural competency, equity, EEO compliance, Title IX, and ADA education and accommodation. Read more...



Understanding W.E.I.R.D.* Cultures:  Experiential Activities for Reducing Participant and Institutional Bias

Jon DeVries,
Intercultural Trainer & Consultant, Founding Member-SIETAR Minnesota

Alexander Cleberg, MA, Intercultural Trainer, University of Minnesota

*Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich, and Democratic

WEIRD countries have unique sets of those norms and values. In this highly experiential workshop, participants will be able to examine and reflect upon their own immediate reactions to WEIRD values. We will explore what these values are, and how they perpetuate biases in our institutions. Next, we will examine the ramifications they may have on our institutional effectiveness and outcomes. Finally, we will analyze and discuss how to effect change in our organizations to attain better outcomes. 

We will also explore how culturally specific values become universal and invisible. This invisibility can sabotage an organization’s ability to successfully interact with diverse groups within their culture and bridge across cultures. Read more...

About Jon DeVries

Jon DeVries is an intercultural trainer and consultant specializing in Intercultural Competence Development, Leadership Development, Team Building and Training Design with a background in Experiential Education and Adult Learning Theories. Jon held positions at the University of Minnesota, including Short-Term and Custom Programs Director in the International Student and Scholar Services Office. Read more...

About Alexander Cleberg, MA

Alexander Cleberg, MA, is an intercultural trainer at the University of Minnesota. By carefully listening to the needs of students, staff and faculty he has developed material grounded in the practical experiences of campus community members. He has actively developed immigrant entrepreneurs in the United States for 19 years and researched the intercultural competencies of immigrant entrepreneurs in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. Read more...

Afternoon Workshops – 1:00 PM-5:00 PM

Crossing Party Lines: Building Bridges between IC and DEI in Higher Education

Dr. Kris Acheson-Clair, Director of CILMAR, Purdue University
Nastasha E. Johnson, Associate Professor of Library Science, Purdue University

Studying our nervous system as an access point for change can increase our ability to be effective during challenging life circumstances.  According to Deb Dana (2020), the nervous system is key because when the brain and the nervous system do not agree, the nervous system will win every time.  One influential framework for understanding the nervous system is Polyvagal Theory by Stephen Porges.  Polyvagal Theory is often referred to as the neuroscience of safety and connection, and it is a core component of trauma work.  Neuroscience in trauma therapy has exploded in the past twenty-five years.  It has helped us understand our experiences, emotions, relationships, stories, communication, and ability to cope in more nuanced ways. Read more... 

About Dr. Acheson-Clair

Dr. Kris Acheson-Clair is Director of the Center for Intercultural Learning, Mentorship, Assessment and Research (CILMAR) at Purdue University and holds a courtesy faculty position in the Brian Lamb School of Communication. CILMAR's mission is to support intercultural development for everyone in the Purdue community. Led by Dr. Acheson, CILMAR's staff works with faculty and staff at Purdue to embed intercultural learning across the curriculum, to support faculty and staff development, and to produce cutting-edge intercultural research. Read More…

About Nastasha E. Johnson

Nastasha E. Johnson is Associate Professor of Library Science at Purdue University Libraries & School of Information Studies in West Lafayette, IN.  She also serves as a Provost Fellow in the Office of the Provost, Division of Diversity & Inclusion and an Intercultural Learning Officer for the Center of Intercultural Learning, Mentoring, Assessment, and Research (CILMAR). She is a qualified administrator of the Intercultural Development (IDI) and Beliefs, Events, Values Inventory (BEVI), and has completed Phase 1 of the Racial Equity Institute of REI in Greensboro, NC. Read More...


Impact! High Leverage Interventions for Culture Change

joe gerstandt,
Acclaimed Speaker, Author and Advisor 

In recent years, and in the past year especially, increasing amounts of time, attention, and resources have been directed toward organizational efforts relative to diversity, inclusion, and equity. While there are certainly exceptions, these efforts consistently disappoint with negligible impacts on both organizational demographics and organizational culture. Far too many leaders and organizations have been comfortable demonstrating activity without much real impact. Activity is not enough, and we have some obligation to help clients direct their resources toward interventions with leverage for real change. Read more...

About joe gerstandt

dr. joe gerstandt is a speaker, author and advisor bringing greater clarity, action, and impact to organizational diversity and inclusion efforts. joe has worked with Fortune 100 corporations, small non-profits, government entities, and everything in between. He speaks at numerous conferences and summits and is a featured contributor for the Workforce Diversity Network Expert Forum. His insights have been published in Diversity Best Practices, Diversity Executive, HR Executive, numerous other print and on-line journals, and he co-authored the book Social Gravity: Harnessing the Natural Laws of Relationships.  Read More...


How to Use Theatre as a Tool for Intercultural Understanding

Kelli McLoud-Schingen,
President, KMS Intercultural Consulting

Dionne Lambert, Program Coordinator, The Center for Public Life at OSU-Tulsa

One of the most powerful and under-utilized tools in cross cultural understanding is Theatre.  Theatre is a form of storytelling that many feel that if they are not actors, or haven’t studied theatre, they aren’t equipped to work with theatre and drama as a tool.

Theatre is storytelling and it offers opportunities for listeners to merge the storyteller’s experience with their own – resulting in connections that can turn into trance-formational experiences. Everyone is a storyteller. We live inside stories; we communicate through stories. Read more...

About Kelli McLoud-Schingen

Kelli McLoud-Schingen is Artistic Director of World Stage Theatre Company, Vice President for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at the University of Tulsa, and President of KMS Intercultural Consulting. She is a global diversity and inclusion specialist as well as a theatrical actor and director. She specializes in storytelling, cultural competence, and healing racism.  She has been a facilitator for educational, non-profit, government and corporate institutions in the USA and internationally since 1989 deftly fusing her theatre and social justice training.  A certified professional mediator, she holds a BA degree in Communication from Aurora University and a MA in Cross-Cultural Studies from the University of Houston-Clear Lake.  Kelli also trained with the Center for the Healing of Racism in Houston, TX. Read more...

About Dionne Lambert

Dionne Lambert is Program Coordinator for the Center for Public Life at Oklahoma State University – Tulsa, where she facilitates community-focused dialogues through a trauma-informed lens and is currently leading a community-based research initiative that is focused on Black reproductive health equity in Tulsa.  She is also the Founding Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Consultant for Chrysalis Consulting. Dionne’s perspectives include what psychiatrist Bruce Perry calls post-traumatic wisdom*, inherited by her tumultuous upbringing on the south side of Chicago, IL.  She received her undergraduate degree in Business Administration from Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, OK, where she learned to channel her grief and pain into service via ministry in the gospel choir she concurrently sang in for 10 years before finally graduating after 13 years. Read more...

*What Happened To You? Conversations on Trauma, Resilience, and Healing, Dr. Bruce D. Perry & Oprah Winfrey, Flatiron Books

2022 SIETAR USA Scholarship Opportunites

Conference Attendees: You may qualify for a SIETAR USA scholarship which will
cover your conference registration fee!

➡️  Are you a first time SIETAR USA conference attendee?
➡️  Are you open to volunteering at the conference?

See below for details.

 Application Deadline: July 31, 2022

What is the SIETAR USA conference all about?

The SIETAR USA conference serves as a forum for interculturalists and DEI practitioners from varied professions and disciplines to come together to share their knowledge, insights, and questions with other members of their fields. Members of SIETAR USA share a passion for deepening their understanding of cultures, increasing intercultural competence in themselves and others, and continually fostering culturally respectful and inclusive ways of making the world a better place to live and work.


How do the Scholarships work?

SIETAR USA wishes to support and provide access to the conference for those who might not otherwise be able to attend. Thanks to the efforts of the Silent Auction team from prior years as well as generous attendee contributions, we are able to offer several full scholarships, which cover the registration fee for this year's SIETAR USA conference. (Value=$500/each)


Scholarship applicants must be first-time SIETAR USA Conference attendees and are required to minimally volunteer during the conference.  


For the Scholarship application form, click here: 2022 Scholarship Application


Step One: Am I eligible?

Step Two: Am I qualified?

Step Three: How do I apply?

Step Four: What happens after I apply?


Step One: Am I eligible?

All applicants must be a first-time SIETAR USA conference attendee. Prior conference attendees and past recipients of this scholarship are not eligible, in order to allow other applicants to have this opportunity.

Eligible applicants must be:

  • An academically registered student in good standing with a Letter of Support from an Academic Advisor or Professor, which includes confirmation of your education or professional position as well as any knowledge they have of your qualifications,


  • An employee/volunteer with a community-based non-profit organization with a Letter of Support from the Director of the program or organization, verifying your work with them. * This does not include those who are consultants to a non-profit, or those who volunteer on the side to a non-profit 


Step Two: Am I qualified?

Qualified applicants must demonstrate:

  • An interest in and commitment to intercultural education, training, and research as evidenced by a program of study or work, academic or community activities, and/or active participation in organizations serving diverse populations.
  • Past and present contributions to the field of intercultural relations and communications including community development; international, multicultural or diversity education.
  • An interest in presenting at a future SIETAR USA conference and/or an accepted proposal to present at this year’s SIETAR USA conference.
  • A willingness to be an active participant in the SIETAR USA community through activities such as volunteering, and/ or involvement in a local SIETAR USA chapter.


Step Three: How do I apply?

To apply, please complete your online scholarship application, including all required documents, prior to the JULY 31, 2022 DEADLINE.

NOTE: Two (2) uploads are also required, as follows: 

  1. A letter of support from your academic institution OR non-profit organization (see Step One above: “Am I Eligible?”)
  2. Your résumé which includes at least one reference (Name, title, institution or organization, email and phone contact information) and is no more than 2 typed pages in length.

Click here for the online scholarship application and instructions to upload the required files: Online Scholarship Application.


Step Four: What happens after I apply?

  • As soon as your application is complete, you will receive an acknowledgement email.
  • Scholarship Award decision notifications will be sent out by August 14, 2022. If you accept the Scholarship, you must confirm your acceptance by email by August 21, 2022. If we do not have your acceptance confirmed at that time, your Scholarship will be awarded to the next person on the waitlist. 
  • Volunteer Requirements: All scholarship recipients must be available to provide service at the SIETAR USA conference for a set number of volunteer hours. Those who receive partial scholarships volunteer for 4 hours, and those who receive a full scholarship volunteer for 7 hours. Once you’ve accepted the Scholarship and registered for the conference, the Volunteer Coordinator will contact you to schedule your volunteer hours.


Have questions? Need more information?

Please send any questions or concerns related to the SIETAR USA Scholarships to [email protected].

We look forward to seeing you at the 2022 Conference in Omaha!

Bob Boyce

Scholarship Committee Chair
[email protected]

Conference Volunteers Needed! 

The SIETAR USA National Conference is a perfect illustration of the saying "It takes a village..." In addition to all the people involved in the planning and logistics leading up to the event, it would be impossible to accomplish without the support of volunteers during the event - the "boots on the ground."

SIETAR USA is requesting the assistance of volunteers to help support and facilitate a variety of events and activities during this year's conference. Areas where we need your assistance include:

Technical Support
: provide technical support and assistance to presenters over the course of the day.

Program Support: provide program and logistics support in the main ballroom and/or workshop rooms.

Silent Auction Support: assist with event setup, onging monitoring and support, and help finalize transactions at the end of the auction.

Registration Support: help staff the registration desk during peak hours, answer event, facility and logistics questions, and support event coordination with the facility; assist with conference "teardown" at the end.

Being a volunteer is a great way to meet and connect with fellow conference attendees while learning the ins and outs of running a conference.

Volunteers will receive direction and instruction relevant to their role(s). 

Registration Discounts for Volunteers

Volunteering provides a percentage reduction in conference registration fees. There are a limited number of registration discounts available. Volunteers wishing to receive a registration discount must apply for one of the following options (available Friday-Saturday-Sunday ONLY):

Volunteer for 1 day: 25% registration rate reduction

Volunteer for 2 days: 50% registration rate reduction

Volunteer for 3 days: 75% registration rate reduction


Deadline for applying to be a volunteer is September 30, 2022. 

Priority placement will be given to those who apply by September 16.

To apply to be a volunteer, send an email to
[email protected] with the information shown below:

Subject line: I Would Like to Volunteer for SIETAR USA 2021!

Include the following information:


Phone number

Email address

And indicate:

My preference would be to volunteer for ____ day(s) in the following positions:

_____  Technology Support

_____  Program Support

_____  Silent Auction Support

_____  Registration/Event Support

Days of the conference you are available to volunteer:

_____  Friday, November 4

_____  Saturday, November 5

_____  Sunday, November 6

PLEASE NOTE: We will try to assign you to your preferred position and days but cannot guarantee that will be possible. Also, in your role as a volunteer, we cannot guarantee you will be able to attend every session of interest to you - there may be times when your volunteer responsibilities may have to take priority. We appreciate your flexibility and understanding.


SIETAR USA conference participants always enjoy finding unique and useful items at the Silent Auction, so prepare now to donate and be sure to visit the Auction at the conference!

The Silent Auction proceeds provide scholarships to the conference for those interculturalists/DEI practitioners who might not otherwise be able to attend, such as students volunteers in community-based non-profit organizations. Attending the conference helps these individuals gain valuable knowledge, skills, and contacts in the field while contributing their perspectives and experiences.

You can donate items, products, or services to the auction. Popular items include:

  • New or used collectible books (perhaps with an autograph)
  • Videos or training tools
  • Certificates for consultations, trainings, certification courses or workshops
  • Arts & crafts or other goods you’ve collected while globetrotting
  • Your own artwork
  • Collections of world music, scarves or jewelry
  • And special mementos or theme baskets from your hometown, region, or country are often the first items to go!

Suggested minimum item value: $20


To donate your items, please contact the Silent Auction Team ahead of time and pledge items(s) with the description, value, and donor information for proper display. All items can be shipped in advance to Omaha (between September 30-October 6) or brought with you to the conference if you are attending. You may download/print the form found at this link: 2021 Silent Auction Donation Form; email the completed form to [email protected].

PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to accept donations after 5:00 pm on Thursday, November 3, 2022.

To ask questions or to get further information please contact the Chair of the Silent Auction Team at [email protected]. We thank you, in advance, for your generosity in supporting our scholarship program!


Past Silent Auction

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