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October 18-21, 2017

Each of us works to bridge transformations caused by change. The system in which we live—boundaries, borders, nations—has accelerated change enormously, sometimes beyond human tolerance or comprehension. We are all involved somehow in this change: change of society, of organizations, of communities, of one person who wants to learn. And each change often puts into action unpredictable consequences, of which may we know little. Some changes amaze and delight; others, not so much.

Intercultural competence refers to the skills and characteristics that support effective and appropriate interaction in a variety of cultural contexts. In the midst of global change, interculturalist educators, trainers, and researchers inevitably confront three questions:

“Why is intercultural competence important?”

“What difference does it make?”

“Why Now?”

Welcome from your Conference Co-Chairs, Sandra Fowler and Janet Bennett!
We invite you to join us in San Diego, CA where we will explore the theme:
Building Bridges with Intercultural Competence:
Changing World, Changing People, Changing Times.

The SIETAR USA national conference provides the space to:
    • Boldly engage in the difficult dialogues about what disconnects us
    • Bringing us closer to a shared understanding and empathy that such conversations and meaningful 
        connections may bring, and
    • Together explore concepts, tools, best practices – and perhaps even  solutions;
    • To bridge the gaps and move the field forward.  

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