Tips For Diverse Staffing: Recruiter Edition

diverse staffing tips diversity of background elmer dixon executive diversity services july 2019 Jul 15, 2019

by Elmer Dixson, President
Executive Diversity Services

July 2019

Whether you are a seasoned HR professional, advising a client or hiring your own first employee, these tips serve as good reminders of good practices to support diverse staffing... The secret is maintaining community relationships year round. Having a staff that represents a diversity of background and perspectives doesn’t happen by accident. It takes commitment, strategy and planning. 

Here are tips to support diverse staffing, to get you started or serve as a reminder in your work with clients or in your own business:

  • Use community resources including key individuals, organizations and campuses that target services and membership for women and ethnic populations.
  • Develop and maintain personal relationships and networks in target communities on an ongoing basis, not just when you want to fill job openings.
  • Identify individuals within your organization who might help recruit from specific target communities.
  • Examine your current workforce for recruiting potential, for example, individuals who can be developed through job training or position competencies.
  • Provide information to applicants about any organizational benefits that might be attractive to diverse populations, e.g., new employee orientation, professional and personal development opportunities, mentoring programs, employee support groups, buddy systems, etc.