An Exciting Offer from Neal Goodman!

2022 dei research development donation library neal goodman training Jan 10, 2022

I possess of one of the best collections of books, journals, videos, etc. from the intercultural field and I am looking for a new home for my “treasurers”.  My materials also include important DE&I resources.   This collection belongs in a University, Institute or Organization dedicated to the fields of Cross–cultural and DE&I research, training, education and development.  Many of these items are originals and are not available any longer.  My materials span the last 60 years of the field and are an excellent repository for scholars and practitioners.  I wish to donate this. There will be no cost to the new owner other than to help defray shipping costs. I have been in the field since 1963 as an activist, professor/scholar, author, and president of a global cross-cultural training organization which has hundreds of prestigious Global Fortune 1,000 clients.  The materials cover academic and applied topics.  If interested, please email me at [email protected]