Marketing Tip 6 - from Val Bath

client marketing icbi individual cultural blueprint indicator intercultural awareness intercultural competence nov 2019 self-assessment val bath Nov 22, 2019

Existing Client Marketing – Tip 6
by Valerie Bath
President, Global Coach Center

Have you considered marketing to your existing clients differently than to prospective clients who’ve never heard from you?   If you're interested in long term business instead of several one-time engagements, think about creating a different type of marketing.  Studies show it costs approximately five times as much to acquire a new customer than it does to retain a current one.

Create a list of your current clients rather than new prospects who don’t know you or your business.  Next, design a campaign or marketing activity to increase client retention, loyalty, growth, and community participation.  The more you understand your client base, the more likely you are to form meaningful, long term relationships with them.  With their positive word of mouth, you will gain more referrals.  Sharing your successes with satisfied clients is one of the marketing strategies.  Brand advocates are much more likely to share a great experience with their colleagues.

In my practice, the Global Coach Center, our existing clients are intercultural coaches who have been certified to debrief the online self-assessment tool called the ICBI (Individual Cultural Blueprint Indicator).  We give priority to our GCC coach community when we need a trainer or coach.   Creating a sense of community is important and fun, so we have an online Facebook and Linked in group where we share experiences and opportunities with each other.  We stay in touch with our group of GCC coaches with updates of tool improvements, announcements of new certified GCC coaches, and ICBI country additions.  We’ve organized virtual meetings to share best practices especially when several coaches/trainers are working with the same client.

In order for our GCC coaches to gain more of their own clients, we help them and provide marketing consulting tailored to their unique skills and services.  We also encourage our certified colleagues to post the GCC certification logo on their social media posts and in the Linked In section of certifications and affiliations.  This has led to mutual success in our efforts to provide intercultural awareness and build cultural competencies.