Dispelling Myths for Inclusion of American Muslims

april 2019 intercultural competence luby ismail Apr 15, 2019

by Luby Ismail

  • Engage diversity for counter narratives
  • Initiate regular encounters to counter FEAR, OTHERING 
  • Meet with conservative communities America Indivisible,
  • Join campaigns to advertisers of anti-Muslim news


  • Demand elected officials make statements rejecting hate-driven policies.
  • Add your voice to oppose anti Muslim campaigns.
  • Email media voicing your opinions tied to American values.
  • Support efforts against Islamophobia, anti-immigrant, Black Lives Matter.
  • Inquire of in-service cultural training by credible officer and community members.

Cultural Competent Engagement

  • 1.Encounters with diversity of community.
  • 2.Reflect knowledge of faith & culture of communities. 
  • 3.Demonstrate listening to key concerns to build rapport and trust.
  • 4.Convey respect by understanding cultural and religious practices.
  • 5.Ongoing familiarity and interaction with communities.  
  • 6.Remember ethnic identity and faith are not interchangeable.
  • 7.Recognize, be inclusive of the intra-community diversity


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