Conference Considerations - April 2020

2020 conference april 2020 Apr 15, 2020

As with other organizations around the world, SIETAR USA Board of Directors is closely following the conditions and restrictions for public meetings. The safety and well-being of our membership and conference attendees is of vital concern as we consider whether or not we should proceed or if we may need to postpone or reformat the 2020 National Conference.  

At this time, considering both the vital need for our work and the rather hefty penalties for canceling, we are continuing to plan for the conference as though it will be held in October 2020 in Omaha.  We encourage you all to save the date, plan to attend, and submit proposals.  Should we later need to change our format or change the dates of the conference you will be advised and provided guidance to reformat your presentations. You would also be able to withdraw your proposal without penalty at that time if the new time or format does not work for you.  However, we do strongly urge you to consider participating in the conference at this time. As always, our presenters are critical to the success of the conference!

With all the turmoil and stress involved in responding to the Covid-19 pandemic, there is a great need for global diversity work in our communities in the United States and internationally.  We truly are all in this together and just as viruses recognize no borders, ethnicities, or racial and personal identities our work must continue to be pan-national and inclusive as well.

We will keep you all informed as things progress and look forward to connecting with you all at the conference.

Karen Lokkesmoe
SIETAR USA Board of Directors
Conference Oversight