President's Apology to POC re: 2019 Conference Experience

2019 conference apology to poc sandy fowler Nov 22, 2019

For the past 3 years, the Practitioners of Color Forum has met at the conference as a regular session. SIETAR USA is committed to supporting our members who are Practitioners of Color. We are all in this society together but it is recognized that Practitioners of Color have special experiences and circumstances that they want to discuss. The lunch meeting on October 31, the first day of the conference in Atlanta was, as it turned out, not the best time for such a meeting. However, based on what we have learned from the 2019 meeting, the time and place for a POC meeting at the conference in 2020, will be different.

As President on behalf of the SIETAR USA Board of Directors I’d like to offer an apology to the Practitioners of Color for the unpleasant ending to their meeting since our intent, while being respectful, didn’t match the impact. Despite the best of intentions we all stumble occasionally, but even though we slip up, we are committed to learning from our mistakes. 

The Board is reviewing the issues raised by the incident, the requests and concerns identified by the Practitioners of Color, and will report specific actions we can take for our future. 

We are all on this path together and with the help and understanding of all of us in SIETAR USA, we can move forward to creating an association that truly feels like “home” to everyone.

Sandra M. Fowler, President