volunteers NEEDED

The 2020 Conference has concluded! Thank you for your participation and support.

SIETAR-USA is requesting the assistance of volunteers to help facilitate and moderate the virtual sessions during the conference - Session Managers. These volunteers will receive training in their responsibilities! We also have volunteer opportunities for a limited number of tech savvy volunteers who will be trained to handle emergency issues that the session facilitators cannot solve. Let us know how you’d like to get involved at the email address below.

Being a volunteer is a great way to meet and connect with fellow conference attendees while learning the ins and outs of running a virtual conference.

To repeat: Volunteers will receive instructions relevant to their role(s). 

Technology Support / Trouble-Shooting

A special cadre of tech savvy people will be trained with both Zoom and Remo to handle any issues that might arise where the assigned session moderator asks for help. This emergency technology support will be available for anything the session facilitator cannot fix. 

Session Manager

Session Managers will help with general set-up and prep of session rooms and making sure session presenters have everything they need. They will also serve as Moderators for their assigned session. Emergency technology support will be available for anything the session manager is unable to fix.

Registration Discounts for Volunteers

Volunteering provides a percentage reduction in conference registration fees. There are a limited number of registration discounts available. Volunteers wishing to receive a registration discount must apply for one of the following options.  

Volunteer for 1 day: 25% registration rate reduction

Volunteer for 2 days: 50% registration rate reduction

Volunteer for 3 days: 75% registration rate reduction

Volunteer for 4-5 days: Registration fee waived

Deadline for applying to be a volunteer is September 21, 2020. 
Priority given to those who apply by September 15.

To apply to be a volunteer, send an email to volunteers@sietarusa.org with the information shown below:

Subject line: I Would Like to Volunteer for SIETAR USA 2020!

Include the following information:

Phone number
Email address

And indicate:

My preference would be to volunteer for ____ hours in the following positions:

_____  Technology Support

_____  Session Management

Days of the conference you are available to volunteer:

_____  Wednesday, October 7 _____  Saturday, October 10

_____  Thursday, October 8 _____  Monday, October 12

_____  Friday, October 9 _____  Tuesday, October 13

PLEASE NOTE: We will try to assign you to your preferred position and days but cannot guarantee that will be possible. We appreciate your flexibility and understanding.

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