Are you a first time SIETAR USA conference attendee?
Are you open to volunteering at the conference?

If so, you may qualify for a scholarship which covers the registration fee.
See below for details.

EXTENDED!!  Application Deadline September 7, 2019

What is the SIETAR USA conference all about?

The annual SIETAR USA conference serves as a forum for interculturalists from varied professions and disciplines to come together to share their knowledge, insights, and questions with other members of the intercultural field. Members of SIETAR USA share a passion for deepening their understanding of cultures, increasing intercultural competence in themselves and others, and continually fostering culturally respectful and inclusive ways of making the world a better place to live and work.

How do the Scholarships work?

SIETAR USA wishes to support and provide access to the conference for those who might not otherwise be able to attend. Thanks to the efforts of the 2017 Silent Auction team and attendees’ contributions, we are able to offer several scholarships, for this year's SIETAR USA conference in ATLANTA, GEROGIA 

In addition, SIETAR USA is pleased to announce three legacy scholarships honoring the legacy of colleagues whose life and work was dedicated to enhancing intercultural competence and effective bridging of cultures. See below for more details.  

The SIETAR USA scholarship applicants must be first-time SIETAR USA Conference attendees and are required to minimally volunteer during the conference: 7 hours for full scholarship recipients, and partial scholarship recipients volunteer for 4 hours.

The scholarship does not cover the cost of travel, hotel or some meals (registration does include lunches, coffee breaks and a Gala Dinner & Award Celebration).

For full details and Scholarship application forms go to:

Applications require a google account (you can create one free HERE).  If you are unable to do so please contact the appropriate contact person for the scholarship for which you wish to apply.

Apply only for one scholarship.  Select the Scholarship that is the best fit for you.

Step One: Am I eligible?
Step Two: Am I qualified?
Step Three: How do I apply?
Step Four: What happens after I apply?

Step One: Am I eligible?

All applicants must be a first-time SIETAR USA conference attendee. Former attendees and past recipients of this scholarship are not eligible for the scholarship, to allow other applicants to have this opportunity.

Eligible applicants must be:

·         An academically registered student in good standing with a Letter of Support from an Academic Advisor or Professor, which includes confirmation of your education or professional position as well as any knowledge they have of your qualifications.


·         An employee/volunteer with a community-based non-profit organization with a Letter of Support from the Director of the program or organization, verifying your work with them. * This does not include those who are consultants to a non-profit, or those who volunteer on the side to a non-profit

Step Two: Am I qualified?

Qualified applicants must demonstrate:

      An interest in and commitment to intercultural education, training, and research as evidenced by a program of study or work, academic or community activities, and/or active participation in organizations serving diverse populations.

      Past and present contributions to the field of intercultural relations and communications including community development; international, multicultural or diversity education.

      An interest in presenting at a future SIETAR USA conference and/or an accepted proposal to present at this year’s SIETAR USA conference.

      A willingness to be an active participant in the SIETAR USA community through activities such as volunteering, and/ or involvement in a local SIETAR USA chapter.

      Volunteer 4 hours of time before or during the conference.

Any questions regarding the SIETAR USA Scholarship application process or the SIETAR USA Scholarships themselves, please contact:

Click HERE  for application form for the SIETAR USA Scholarship.


What about the Robin Bragge Minnesota Intercultralist/ LBGTQ Scholarship Award?

Robin M. Bragge led a full, mission-driven and faith-based life, which she embraced with passion, hard work, and laughter.  Her overarching desire to create an inclusive environment for all people led Robin to work actively on behalf of anti-racism initiatives, youth advocacy, the LGBT community, and the intercultural field. In her work at Youth Encounter and the Minnesota International Center, Robin was able to further understanding between cultures through the exchange of ideas and music. Robin had an uncanny ability to make one feel at home in the world, even after the briefest of interactions. She was a creative big-picture thinker, problem solver, and a teacher to all who encountered her, excelling in innovative program design and implementation. Robin loved traveling, drumming, and playing games, and showed those around her how authentic connections through those activities can flourish. To carry on Robin’s work, one scholarship will be awarded covering the Conference Registration, Gala Dinner and Awards Banquet.

Applicants for the Robin Bragge Scholarship must be from Minnesota and meet one or more of the following qualifications:

      Be an active student enrolled in a course of study in a Minnesota University or College with a focus on intercultural development, diversity & inclusion, or social justice.

      Work in a not-for-profit community organization dedicated to social justice or equality initiatives.

      Demonstrate an interest in SIETAR through membership in their local and national organizations (or willingness to become a member).

      Active participation in an LGBTQ equal rights or advocacy organization, either locally or internationally.

      Teaching/facilitating curricula focused on LGBTQ issues and/or rights.

      Involvement with an institution or organization as Advisor to, or Coordinator of, the LGBTQ community (e.g., LGBTQ advisor/coordinator at a university).

      Completed coursework or research in an academic LGBTQ program. Please provide an explanation of coursework, research or practitioner projects currently underway, formerly conducted or any publications.

      Volunteer 4 hours of time before or during the conference.

One Scholarship will be awarded covering the cost of registration and the Gala Banquet. (Exclusive of transportation or accommodation.) 

Click HERE  for application form for Robin Bragge scholarship.

    What about the Kyoung-Ah Nam Scholarship Award?

    The Kyoung-Ah Nam Scholarship honors the legacy and spirit of Dr. Kyoung-Ah Nam who passed away in early 2019.  Kyoung-Ah was a consummate teacher, researcher, presenter, scholar, and trainer.  She completed her Ph.D. at the University of Minnesota’s Comparative and International Development Education program after which she taught at the University of Minnesota, American University, and San Jose State University.  Dr Nam was an avid learner, she never stopped trying to learn new things and to improve her knowledge and skills in many areas. Her contributions to the intercultural field were many and she will be greatly missed.  This scholarship seeks to aid young professionals and students who seek to work or further their experience bridging cultures in business, education, or other fields. Applicants for the Kyoung-Ah Nam Scholarship must meet the following qualifications:

          Be an active student enrolled in a course of study that includes a focus on intercultural or diversity & inclusion, OR

          Be a young professional in the intercultural field, with demonstrated focus on bridging cultures, AND

          Demonstrate an interest in SIETAR through membership in their local and national organizations (or willingness to become a member).

          Volunteer 4 hours of time before or during the conference.

    Three scholarships will be awarded covering the cost of registration for one young professional and two students (including a ticket to the Gala Dinner and Awards Banquet). (Exclusive of transportation or accommodation.)

    Click HERE  for application form for Kyoung-Ah Nam scholarship


    What about the R. Michael Paige Scholarship Award?

    Dr. R. Michael Paige was a lifetime learner, researcher, scholar and Professor of intercultural competence.  He was one of the founding members of SIETAR USA and a long-time faculty member at the Summer Institute for Intercultural Competence as well as at the University of Minnesota where he helped found the Comparative International Development Education degree program.  Dr Paige was known throughout the world for his research and teaching and was universally respected and loved by his colleagues and students.  This Legacy Scholarship has been created to honor his impressive legacy in the field. Two student awards will be awarded each year to be applied toward registration and airfare (if required).  Applicants for the R Michael Paige Scholarship must meet the following criteria.

          Be an active student enrolled in a course of study that includes a focus on intercultural competence development.

          Demonstrate an interest in SIETAR through membership in your local and national organizations (or willingness to become a member).

          Volunteer 4 hours of time before or during the conference.

    Click HERE  for application form for R Michael Paige scholarship

    Step Three: How do I apply?

    To apply, please complete your online scholarship application, including all required documents, prior to the AUGUST 15, 2019 DEADLINE.

    In addition to the completed application form for the scholarship for which you are applying two uploads are required:

    1. Either a letter of support from your academic institution OR non-profit organization (see Step One above: “Am I Eligible?”)

     Your résumé which includes at least two references (Name, title, institution or organization, contact information) and is no more than 2 typed pages in length.

    Step Four: What happens after I apply?

    • Once your application is submitted, you will receive an acknowledgement email.
    • Scholarship Award decision notifications will be sent out by September 5, 2019. If you accept the Scholarship, you must confirm your acceptance by email by September 15, 2019. If we do not have your acceptance confirmed at that time, your Scholarship will be awarded to the next person on the waitlist. Early Bird Discount Deadline for conference registration is September 30, 2019 and hotel reservations at conference rate is October 4, 2019.
    • Volunteer Requirements: All scholarship recipients must be available to provide service at the SIETAR USA conference for a set number of volunteer hours. Those who receive partial scholarships volunteer for 4 hours, and those who receive a full scholarship volunteer for 7 hours. Once you’ve accepted the Scholarship and registered for the conference, the Volunteer Coordinator will contact you to schedule your volunteer hours.
    Take advantage of our cost-saving opportunity, “Roommate Connection,” a service that provides the opportunity for conference attendees to share the cost of accommodations by pairing you with another conference attendee. Please go to the Hotel & Travel section of the SIETAR USA website ( to learn more about “Roommate Connection.”

    Have questions? Need more information?

    Please send any questions or concerns related to the SIETAR USA Scholarships to 
    We look forward to seeing you in ATLANTA, GEORGIA
    Bob Boyce, Scholarship Committee Chair

    For additional information related to the Legacy Scholarships, please contact the following:

    Robin Bragge Scholarship – Basma Ibrahim DeVries at

    Kyoung-Ah Nam Scholarship – Holly Emert at 

    R. Michael Paige Scholarship –Debra Freathy at or Karen Lokkesmoe at

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