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The Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research in the United States of America (SIETAR USA) is an educational membership organization for those professionals who are concerned with the challenges and rewards of intercultural relations. Our members work within many environments and professions—business and industry, consulting, training, K-12 and higher education, counseling, all aspects of the media and arts, to name a few. SIETAR USA members bring a vast array of experience and perspectives to the field of intercultural relations, both in the USA and around the world.

SIETAR USA is a point of connection for people from many cultural and professional backgrounds who explore differences on many levels; engage in cutting edge research related to cultural dimensions of interactions between and among individuals, organizations and political entities; continually search for and provide avenues to effective relations across cultures; and work with students and others to expand worldviews and build skills for successful interactions in intercultural arenas. These activities take place in multicultural or cross-cultural situations, within national borders or around the world.

SIETAR USA is a member of a network of similar SIETAR societies that span the globe. Society members connect by attending conferences at home and abroad, by networking, and by sharing information and resources. SIETAR holds Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) status with the United Nations and the Council of Europe. Its members initiate joint projects, consulting and training assignments; foster personal and professional growth; develop national and international friendships; and work to model what we say we believe.

We believe that we must all work toward effective and peaceful relations among the peoples of the world—not despite differences but because of them. It is a collective work that requires the efforts of many caring and concerned individuals who support each other in moving purposefully toward this common goal.

Within one world, many perspectives: We invite you to become a part of SIETAR USA.

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