What would you say if someone offered you an 80% discount on a quality product? Too good to be true? In this case, it really is true. SIETAR USA is offering a virtual workshop by Sivisailam Thiagarajan, known to his friends as Thiagi and his talented co-trainer, Matt Richter. This will be a special day of Thiagi’s Live Online Learning Activities (LOLA) at a super bargain price!

Thiagi and Matt describe it this way…

Live online training (also known as virtual classrooms or training webinars) have several cost-effective advantages in the field of intercultural training:

  • You can reach participants from different countries and different cultures at the same time.
  • Most trainers and participants are familiar with the basic technology required, whether it is based on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or a smart phone.
  • Trainers can easily upload slides, video and audio recordings, and other media as a part of their online training session.
  • Online training sessions can be recorded and archived for study by people who missed the original session or those who want to review what they learned earlier.
  • The technology behind webinar platforms are becoming less expensive and more reliable, flexible, and user friendly.

It's true: live, online training can have restrictions and disadvantages. But Thiagi and Matt have focused on the design and delivery of creative interactive experiential activities in virtual classrooms. Here's your opportunity to learn from the experts about LOLAs (Live Online Learning Activities), and how to incorporate them into training that is effective and engaging for your audience. During the past 10 years, Matt and Thiagi have field-tested and improved more than 20 types of LOLAs. 

This one-day workshop walks the talk and teaches you to use different types of training activities in live online sessions. Thiagi and Matt will provide you with a conceptual framework for LOLAs, as well as countless activities you can modify and adapt to your own multicultural training sessions. You will learn activities for technical, management, sales, and interpersonal content. These activities will also be used to also teach you how to adapt them to best fit your needs, handle the virtual participants, and decide which activity will best work with your training objectives.

Your registration fee includes one (1) electronic copy of Thiagi's LOLA manual which will be used for exercises during the training.

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Details of the training:

Date: September 12, 2020

Time: 10:30 am - 5:00 pm (Central Time)
Note: There will be time provided for comfort breaks and lunch.

Cost: $27 Students

$57 Members (SIETAR USA/SIETAR global)
$77 Member Sponsor (Special recognition for you and/or your firm as a sponsor of this training event)
$97 Non-members

A special thank you to our Member Sponsors for this event: 

Sandra M. Fowler
Christi Hunter
Rob Pusch
Carolyn Ryffel

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