2020 SIETAR USA Webinars

***All webinars take place 11:00 am-12:30 pm (Eastern US time) unless otherwise noted.***

NOTE: The SIETAR USA Webinar Series is on summer break in August - "See You in September"!

SEPTEMBER 9, 2020 

11:00 am-12:30 pm (Eastern US time)

Critical Lessons on Developing Global Leaders

Presenter: Dr. Joyce Osland, Co-Founder of GLLab & Senior Partner, The Kozai Group

This session focuses on research findings and practical lessons learned from the Global Leadership Lab (GLLab), which was established in 2008 to identify and test best practices in global leadership development--“crucible” experiences that produce transformational development. The GLLab, which has trained over 1300 participants, combines an assessment center approach with experiential learning designed to accelerate the development of global leadership expertise. Attendees will learn how to design effective training programs and avoid pitfalls. 

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InterSEXtions: Working at the Intersection of Culture, Relationships, and Sexuality

Presenter: Dr. Justin Sitron, Associate Dean in the College of Health and Human Services, Widener University

Interculturalists work at the intersection of relationships and societies.  We help folks to prepare to work with others who are different and similar, navigate challenges they have with one another, and to teach people how to leverage generalizations, avoid stereotypes, and manage our biases.  Sexuality around the globe is one of the most taboo aspects of culture, and one of the most important aspects of people’s lives.  Dr. Sitron will explore these intersections, recommend strategies, and discuss some of the nuances of language that can be challenging when we are trying to affirm people’s lived experiences.

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Tight versus Loose: A Key to Unlocking Our Cultural Divides

Presenter: Michele Gelfand, Distinguished Professor of Psychology, University of Maryland

Over the past century, we have explored the solar system, split the atom, and wired the earth, but somehow, despite all of our technical prowess, we have struggled to understand something far more important: our own cultural differences. Observing the wide variety of cultural permutations, people assumed for centuries that there were as many explanations for these permutations and rifts as there were examples of them.

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Becoming American: How Prominent Immigrant Women Cracked the US-American Culture Code 

Presenter: Dr. Fiona Citkin, award-winning author of “How They Made It in America” and “Transformational Diversity”

It took 4 years to research and write her new book about the immigrant women becoming American success stories—and in 60 minutes she will clarify how to use this book to the best advantage, for yourself and your students/clients. This webinar is about cultural awareness, women’s courage, inspiration, and application.   To purchase the recording of this webinar, click here.


Change Management with Insight from Brain Science

Presenter: Dr. Mai Nguyen-Phuong-MaiAssociate Professor at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

In the modern era of international business, the ability of individuals and corporations to adjust and change is critical. But we can’t turn away from the fact that change has a low rate of success. Only 25% of corporate change initiatives are successful over the long term. Old habits die hard. 

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Understanding Misunderstandings in the Era of Globalization

Joe Lurie,
 Executive Director Emeritus, UC-Berkley International House

In this webinar, presenter Joe Lurie uses the implications of the West African proverb, "The Stranger Sees Only What He Knows,” to examine the impact of new media and polarization on our efforts to recognize and respond to misunderstandings. The nature and sources of bias, misunderstanding and cultural disconnects in our hyper-connecting, often polarized world.

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Intercultural Frameworks for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Work

Presenter: Dr. Amer F. Ahmed, Founder/CEO, AFA Diversity Consulting, LLC

In this webinar, Dr. Ahmed talks about this dichotomy between the intercultural approaches used in international and global efforts and the DE & I approach used in U.S. contexts, the fact that many opportunities are missed due to the lack of synthesis of the two approaches. and how it often prevents us from understanding the relationship between local and global factors that impact our ability to engage constituencies holistically. This webinar was held February 4, 2020.

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Style Switching for Success with Multicultural Groups

Presenter: Julia Gaspar-Bates, President, Intercultural Alliances, LLC

This interactive webinar features anecdotal stories as well as practical tips and skills learned from over three decades of working and training across cultures to remind intercultural practitioners of the need to walk the talk in their work to overcome a “one size fits all” approach to training and teaching widely diverse audiences. This webinar was held January 14, 2020.

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The following is a list of webinars held in 2019. If you're a SIETAR USA member, you can access these through the 'Members Only' section of the website. Recordings are also available for purchase (by non-members).

December 2019

Neuvo Mexico's Mid-Winter Celebrations

Presenter: Miguel Gandert, Distinquished Professor of Communication & Journalism, University of New Mexico

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November 2019

Personal Leadership

Presenter: Rita Wuebbeler, President/Founder, Interglobel Cross-Cultural Services, Inc.

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October 2019

Unconscious Bias Training & Implications for Interculturalists

Presenter: Dr. Neal Goodman, President/Founder, Global Dynamics

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September 2019

Experiencing Civil Rights: My Story

Presenter: Kelli McLoud-Schingen, President, KMS Intercultural Consulting

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June 2019

Promoting Age Inclusion in the New Millennium 

Presenter: Tamara Thorpe, Organization Development Consultant & Millennials Mentor

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May 2019

Making Sense of Russia in the 21st Century

Presenter: Tatyana Fertelmeyster, Founder/Principal, Connecting Differences, LLC

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March 2019

Dispelling Myths About Muslims and Islam: Intercultural Interventions for Pluralism and Inclusion of American Muslims

Presenter: Lubna 'Luby' Ismael, President/Founder, Connecting Cultures

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