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“As I was just finishing my graduate program, I was feeling overwhelmed and not sure how to get started in the intercultural field. I was paired with a wonderful mentor who helped me to look inward and investigate the possible directions that I might want to take in this field. I am grateful that I was able to participate in this program and I would recommend it to anyone getting started in the field.”
     – Lindsay McMahon, SIETAR USA Mentee

“SIETAR provided me with excellent professional support, primarily through its mentoring program. I found the process easy and personal. The coordinator cared to find an excellent match and was active about encouraging communication. My mentor has unconditionally given me of his time and expertise. It has been extremely comforting to have a trusted colleague in the field, to whom I can turn to for advice and ideas. I am very grateful to SIETAR for having a mentoring program.”
     – Julie Roa, SIETAR USA Mentee

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