February 17, 2016

Webinar Celebrating
Black History Month


Mana Tahaie, Director
Mission Impact for the YWCA Tulsa


Kelli McLoud-Schingen, President
KMS Intercultural Consulting

The 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre: Riot, Remembrance, and “Reconciliation”

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This webinar focused on the history of race and cross-cultural dynamics in Oklahoma, and discover a little-known and unsettling piece of America's past: the 1921 race massacre in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Often cited as the worst incident of racial violence in U.S. history, the persistent legacy of this tragedy -- and the silence that followed -- has left its footprint on this Heartland community.

March 17, 2016

Millennials and Generational Competence


Tamara Thorpe

Organizational Development Consultant and Millennials Mentor

Generational Competence? As interculturalists we help individuals and organizations develop their intercultural competence, and now it is time to add generational competence to our work.

For the first time in history, organizations are experiencing up to four generations in the workplace, with Millennials as the largest segment of the workforce. And their numbers are growing. Just like culture, generational differences are real and effect the way we engage and work with others. In this webinar, we will explore generational differences and the role of intercultural competence in developing effective Millennial leaders and strong multi-generational teams.

Visit Tamara Thorpe's site: http://tamarathorpe.com/

April 20  & April 22

All You Need to Know about Proposing for and Presenting at SIETAR USA Conference

Led by

Tatyana Fertelmeyster, Founder and Principal of Connecting Differences LLCas well as advisory council for SIETAR USA.

The 16th annual SIETAR USA conference will be held in Tulsa Oklahoma, November 9-12, 2016. It will bring together members and professionals for collaborative learning and stimulating exchanges on the people and places around the world that are polarized – distanced by varying perspectives that fuel society’s tendency to “other” each other from afar – or even right next door. This conference provides the space to boldly engage in the difficult dialogues about what disconnects us, with the aim of bringing us closer to a shared understanding and empathy that such conversations and meaningful connections may bring. We welcome you to be a part of this conversation by submitting a proposal to present at the conference.

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