SIETAR-USA 15th Anniversary CelebrationS

In 2015 SIETAR-USA turned 15. Each month SIETAR-USA celebrated its 15th anniversary party by holding an event!. 

October 14-17. 2015

You are Invited to
the Biggest Celebration of the Year!

15th Annual
SIETAR-USA Conference

Orlando, Florida, USA
Gaylord Resort

You can now download the Master Schedule of Concurrent Sessions. This includes session descriptions. Note the conference booklet won't include full descriptions so you may want to bring a copy of this with you!  PDF Download:Concurrent Session Schedule

November 15, 2015

Conflict & Intercultural Communications


Berry Kruijning, President
Crowning Communications, LLC

December 19,  2015

'Tis the Season for Interculturalists to Talk About Religious Holidays:  A Call-In Conversation."

Click this link to view the recorded
"blab" session!

JULY 2015

SIETAR-USA & SIETAR-France Presidents

   "How our core values balance with our adopted ones when presiding in an organization as  a bi-cultural leader."

Listen to this month's SIETAR-USA Event:
A discussion with  Patricia M.Coleman, French-American (SIETAR-USA) and Linda Vignac, American-French (SIETAR-FRANCE)

Click here to listen to the podcast discussion hosted at Cross Cultural Pros.

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August 2015

Sneak-Peak of SIETAR-USA’s 15th Anniversary Annual Conference 

View the recorded session below!

September 2015

PODCAST: Highlighting SIETAR-USA Member
Mentoring Program

Karen Haggerty Trémel &
briedi Truscot Roberts

Karen Haggerty Trémel &
briedi Truscot Roberts

Present & Past SIETAR-USA Mentoring Program Coordinators

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APRIL 2015

15th Anniversary SIETAR-USA Conference Website Launch!

Download the CFP

Submit your proposal!

Join the Tweet Chat with hashtag #sietarusa2015. Be the first to register, check out the website for this year’s theme, conference resort details and instructions for submitting a presentation proposal. Then pass the word to your colleagues and make your reservations!  

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April’s 15th Anniversary Celebration brings a chance for everyone to participate in the robust Cultural Detective Online service.

We also join Cultural Detective® in the collaborative effort to promote cross-cultural respect, collaboration, and justice. Cultural Detective® is pleased to be a SIETAR-USA Sponsor.

Contest & Discount Instructions

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Cultural Detective will select the best incidents and debriefs, and reward winners with a one-year subscription to CD Online. In addition, Cultural Detective will host a free webinar featuring the best submissions, where winners can promote their services/organization, as well as teach others.

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MAY 2015

Common Book Read & Discussion Podcast
With the Authors

"Reading Hong Kong, Reading Ourselves"

with Book Authors & SIETARians
Sue Shinomiya, Brett Parry &
Naomi Ludeman Smith

Whether you've read the book or not, you're invited to listen to this month's podcast book discussion with editor and author Dr. Janel Curry, Provost at Gordon College, and author Dr. Hedley Freake, Professor of Nutritional Science at the University of Connecticut.

Reading Hong Kong, Reading Ourselves offers lively and insightful multidisciplinary perspectives to the experience of relocating, working and studying in Hong Kong as Fulbright scholars. Readers are finding it a catalyst for a broad topical range of professional and personal conversations for students and clients who are ready to explore the reflective complexity and fun of differences across any culture. You'll find plenty of reviews online too.

Cross-Cultural Pro’s Podcast Host, Brett Perry and SIETAR-USA National Board members Sue Shinomiya

and Dr. Naomi Ludeman Smith invite you to listen in on May’s 15th Anniversary Celebration. Join us for a lively conversation with author Drs. Janel Curry and Hedley Freake to discuss and read from their book Reading Hong Kong Reading Ourselves. Our featured book is a collection of Fulbright Scholar’s from multiple disciplines read on their experience living in Hong Kong.

June 2015

Being an LGBT Ally

Webinar Facilitator:
Rebecca Parrilla
Language & Culture Worldwide, LLC

1:30pm CT / 2:30pm ET

This Session will use Adobe WebConnect


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@ 7:15PM EST

Patricia M Coleman, SIETAR-USA 
President's Vision of SIETAR-USA 2015 and beyond

Open forum via conference line for members and guests to set the tone for our 15th anniversary year and learn more about SIETAR-USA, how to get involved, contribute, make suggestions and more.

Janet Bennett’s Forecast of Intercultural Crossroads

Podcast Guest and Hosts:

Janet Bennett, Executive Director, Intercultural Communication Institute
Brett Parry, Host of Cross Cultural Pro's Podcast
Naomi Ludeman Smith,
SIETAR-USA National Board Director

Dr. Janet Bennett will offer her predictions of the issues and innovations awaiting intercultural professionals to explore for their clients and students. She’ll also share highlights of her work on the forthcoming Intercultural Encyclopedia (Sage) and ICI’s Winter Institute of Intercultural Communication. Dr. Bennett is the 2014 recipient of the Margaret D. Pusch Founders Award and the Executive Director of the Intercultural Communication Institute.    

Click on the link to listen to the podcast Hosted

FEBRUARY 15, 2015
  12:00 PM EST

Black History Month
"Uncovering the Secrets of African Americans' Contributions Around the World"

Webinar Hosts:
SIETAR-USA President Patricia M. Coleman
Past President Kelli McLoud-Schingen
Executive Diversity Services President Elmer Dixon

Thank you to all who attended this event!

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MARCH 15, 2015,  1:00PM EST

"How to Use Technology to
Build Your Platform"
March 15 at 1PM

hosted by Cate Brubaker &
Sabrina Ziegler

Thank you to all who attended this event!

Cate and Sabrina gave a “behind-the-scenes” look at several of the events and tools they’re using to create their online platforms. Check out some of their free virtual events they’ll reference in this “behind-the-scenes” webinar.

Go ahead, click away!

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