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  • 20 Jan 2017 10:31 AM
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    This incident primarily involves Code number 13, but also includes numbers 1 and 8.  The opportunity must be turned down (option A). 

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    We were approached by the HR department of a global company considering us to deliver intercultural assessment and training for their expatriates.  They wanted to begin with a pilot assessment.  We explained that this should be done for one or more candidates being considered for international assignments, but they wanted to do it with a family currently on assignment in Asia (both the husband and wife work for the company).  We reluctantly agreed.  The assessment discovered many serious, negative issues and a high potential for failure and even dangerous health problems.  The two employees and their two young children all have serious food allergies.  The wife/employee scored very low on the assessment instrument and reported that the company had not treated her fairly and that she “hated this assignment”.   These results were reported to the company.  We presented and discussed a package of support services that would help to resolve these issues and perhaps avoid failure.

    After some internal discussion with their legal and medical departments, they informed us that they did not want to go forward with the support services.  They explained that they did not want to acknowledge this expatriate family’s situation because the company might be at risk if things did not work out so well.

    Following this episode, the company came back to us to work out an agreement to go forward with their future intercultural assessment and training.  This was a significant opportunity for future work and revenue.

    What provision(s) of the Living Code apply in this Incident?

    What should be done?

    A.   Turn down the opportunity, explaining that ethical commitments do not allow working in this way?
    B.    Agree to go forward, but try to get a commitment to implement follow-on support when assessments show that it is needed?
    C.   Something else?

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