Payment for What?

  • 05 Oct 2016 3:49 PM
    Message # 4292331

    I have put a significant amount of time into a complicated training program.  After having conducted a needs analysis, many interviews, and written a draft training program, I received an email from the person responsible for hiring me at the client organization saying that his budget had been cut and he would not be able to have me conduct the training or make a payment at the present time.  He nonetheless asked that I provide a draft copy of my training program.

    I thought I was clear that the costs of developing the design and materials were part of the total package.

    What provision(s) of the Living Code apply in this Incident?:

    What should be done?

    A.    Withhold the draft of my training program until he can pay for all of my work and expenses to date?

    B.    Give it to him this time, and next time ask for partial payment upfront before starting work?

    C.    How to maintain a good relationship with this potential client?

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