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As always, we encourage you to contribute to the ethics conversation with your own thoughts. Please contact the Ethics Committee or the Ethics Chair, if you have any further comments, ideas or questions.

The Eye on Ethics Essays Series was a series of essays written from November 2011 through September 2012. These essays provide different perspectives on ethics in our field. They were the most important documents to foster and inspire the conversation on ethics as professionals, as well as an organization. 

Please take the time to browse through them. They will give you inspiration and food for thought.

Eye on Ethics Series:

Preface, by Maria Thacker

Introduction: Reflecting on the Eye on Ethics Series, by Sandra M. Fowler

September 2012 - Considering Ethics in Our Professional Development, by Sylvia Cowan

August 2012 - C: A Multilayered Meta-ethics Lens: An Inquisitive Frame, by Dr. Stella Ting-Toomey

August 2012 - B: Ethical Intercultural Praxis, by Dr. Kathryn Sorrells

August 2012 - A: Eye on Ethics - A Young SIETAR Perspective, by Charmilla Kasper

July 2012: Faith and Work, by Soumaya Khalifa

June 2012 - B: Are We Ready Now?, by Dr. Robert Hayles

June 2012 - A: Revisiting: Creation of Aspirational Principles, By Karen Haggerty.

May 2012: Inner Directed. Outer Focused, by Naomi Ludeman Smith, DMin.

April 2012: Ethics and the Limits of Cultural Diversity, by Dr. Alan Richter.

March 2012: The Ethics of Intercultural Change, by Dr. Deborah Orlowski.

February 2012: Our Place in History, by Dr. Christopher Deal.

January 2012: Self-Awareness and Ethics, by Yoko Hisano.

December 2011: To sell and what to sell: Interculturalists’ ethical struggle,
by Laurence Romani and Betina Szkudlarek

November 2011: The Ethical Interculturalist, by Dr. Michael Tucker.

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