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Opening Keynote

Dr. Lena Crouso
October 8 @ 9:30am (CT)

The title of Dr. Crouso's Keynote address is "Love Through Bridges of Intersectionality"

About Dr. Crouso

Rev. Dr. Lena Crouso serves as the inaugural Vice President for Intercultural Learning and Engagement and Chief Diversity Officer at Southern Nazarene University. She is the first woman of color in a senior administrative leadership position at Nazarene Institutions of Higher Education. She is also a Professor of Intercultural Studies and Community Engagement, and affiliate faculty member for the School of Theology and Ministry.

As a “third culture kid,” a daughter of Asian Indian Immigrants, she spent some of her formative years in her beloved India, where she continues collaborative community development. Her diverse identity and life journey gives Lena a heart and mind for the empowerment of everyone through intercultural understanding, and emotional and social transformation and freedom. Her research focuses upon intercultural relationship development, identity trauma and healing, storytelling, holistic pathways of reconciliation, and domestic and international equity and justice. A sought after international presenter and consultant, she seeks to build two-way bridges of reconciliation and learning opportunities that transform communities in systemic and substantive ways.

Closing Keynote

Patricia M. Coleman - aka 'Ms. Globaliscious'
October 13 @ 5:00PM (CT)

"Globalisciously® Stretching Into Change"

Moving forward and learning from the Global Crisis starts with embracing change. The global pandemic has the world living with global culture shock. We did not anticipate. We did not prepare. We are in denial. We are facing a revolution, an evolution hopefully leading towards resistance, resilience and renaissance.  Interculturalists are equipped to walk the talk and lead from uncertain times to certain change. It starts here, it starts with us.

About Patricia

Patricia Malidor Coleman, M.B.A is a certified coach, international business and education consultant, and President of A-Z World Connections featuring global talent development in language, communication, cultural competence and global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. She is a former SIETAR USA president and founder of SIETAR Florida, her home state.

Patricia is a dual citizen of the USA and France. Her rich ethnic heritage and diversified career achievements have transformed Patricia into a true global citizen. Also known as Ms Globaliscious®️, Patricia is a visionary who embraces change with a smile and Can-Do attitude. Her  "Vision 2020" motto, adopted in 2015, is today a timely encouragement for the world to positively and consciously become comfortable with being uncomfortable, a call for us to, locally and globally, "Stretch into Change."

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