Becoming American: How Prominent Immigrant Women Cracked the US-American Culture Code

  • 15 May 2020
  • 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM (EDT)
  • Zoom Webinar - Eastern Time Zone


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Becoming American: How Prominent Immigrant Women Cracked the US-American Culture Code

It took 4 years to research and write her new book about the immigrant women becoming American success stories—and in 60 minutes she will clarify how to use this book to the best advantage, for yourself and your students/clients. This webinar is about cultural awareness, women’s courage, inspiration, and application.

First, “becoming American” implies more than becoming a US-passport citizen: it’s about becoming whole-heartedly integrated, “cracking the US-American culture code,” that is understanding culture enough to fit in and carve out a place for self; about becoming a proud part of a diverse American salad bowl contributing to America’s well-being and culture.

Second, webinar participants learn about 5 key aspects of immigrants’ evolving multicultural identity which takes place sooner or later—but inevitably—in every person jumping the cultures and countries, while they fine-tune and reframe their professional and personal skills in the country of their choice. This whole process is key to the sense of belonging and success.  

Third, prominent immigrant women’s bumpy road to American success-under-stress is typically tougher than that of many men under similar circumstances—but today, they stand high as inspiring leadership role models for the immigrants and native-born alike.

Learn from their experiences—and follow their how-to for breaking the US-American Culture Code!

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About the Presenter

Dr. Fiona Citkin is an award-winning author of “How They Made It in America” and “Transformational Diversity” books, HuffPost blogger, and internationally renowned intercultural consultant. Today, this former Fulbright Scholar from Ukraine is deeply rooted in America. Her own practices enabled her insights of what people need for success in the United States—and how they reframe their prior experiences and mindsets to “become American.”

Her 2019 book How They Made It in America presents carefully selected 18 prominent immigrant women who “made it,” distilling their how-to principles and background values that helped them rise to the top of their profession in the United States, arguably the most competitive country in the world.

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