Virtual conference FAQS

Watch this space: we'll continue to post new FAQs here as they come up!

Q.  I don’t think I can make it to all the presentations. Can I just register for the one day I know I can make it?

A.  That's OK - you don't have to! Your registration covers the whole conference including the pre-conference workshop on September 22 and the Invited Workshop Day on October 7. There are no partial registrations necessary. We will be offering recordings of our sessions so when you register for the conference, you won’t have to worry about missing anything, even if you can’t be there when it happens.

Q.  Can I pay just for the recordings of certain sessions?

A.  Your registration gives you access to all sessions and all recordings. You cannot pay just for recordings.

Q.  Can I pay to attend just the Invited Workshops on Wednesday, October 7?

A.  Those workshops are included in your overall registration cost. (Your registration fee covers a lot!)

Q.  I'd like to attend only Shelley Morrison's workshop on September 22. Can I pay just for that? 

A.  No, that session is included in your conference registration if you register before September 22nd. Your registration will also cover a recording of that workshop.

Q. I'm a presenter. Will I have someone to help me with Zoom? 

A. Yes, every presenter will be offered a moderator who can handle the technical parts of your presentation, admitting people to the session, putting people in breakout rooms, taking care of issues that arise. You are also free to recruit someone you know to help you instead.

Q. I don't understaand the difference between Remo and Zoom. Why are two platforms being used?

A.  Think of Remo as the "main hall" of the conference. Remo is going to be used for all large group activities like the opening keynote address, the business meeting, networking, and the Happy Hour.

Zoom is reserved for the concurrent session presentations. When it's time to attend a session, you'll receive announcements and links in Remo that will direct you to the sessions. When the session ends, you'll be directed back to Remo where you can "hang out" and network with other attendees until the next sessions; you're also free to take a break at that time.

Q.  I am an independent consultant/service provider. Is there some way I can support SIETAR USA and the conference and get recognition?

A.  Yes! We have a new sponsor category “Friend of SIETAR USA” so for a reasonable fee, you can have your name and/or logo on the website and on the sponsor pages. Check it out: Sponsors/Exhibitors

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