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SIETAR USA Webinar Series Fall Lineup

12 Jul 2020 9:03 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

The SIETAR USA monthly webinars focus on the ongoing professional development of SUSA members. With this development lens we seek out speakers and topics representing the thought leadership within our intercultural/DEI field. Here’s the upcoming lineup to illustrate this commitment:


Critical Lessons on Developing Global Leaders with Joyce Osland

After a short summer break, Joyce Osland starts us off in September looking at global leadership development and her research at San Jose State University as founder and Executive Director of the Global Leadership Advancement Center, a part of the SJSU business school. Joyce’s long research career in global leadership development (emphasis on “global”) has brought her focus to the practical--what are the “crucible” experiences that produce transformational development in global leaders, what types of activities best produce these experiences and how can this all be measured and transferred into organizations. (Click here to register for this event.)

October 9-11: 2020 SIETAR USA Virtual Conference

Theme: “Moving Ahead: Learning from the Global Crisis”

A crisis can galvanize creativity and commitment. It is up to us as intercultural and inclusion practitioners to explore and apply our knowledge and skills that can make a difference in places of work, service, and learning, in social and interpersonal spaces, on a global scale and in our local communities. Facing the hard truths that our work is far from being done; what emergent strategies will help us move forward? How can our understanding of intercultural and diversity dynamics help shape the new reality of the world of work, education, the public sector, and every sphere of the societies in which we live?

The crisis has put a spotlight on the inequities, racism, and ethnocentrism already prevalent here in the United States and around the world. How have the nations and cultures of the world responded to the pandemic, reflecting their cultural norms, and has culture made a difference in the outcomes? What response from DEI and Intercultural practitioners can influence the future? How has the pandemic altered our own reality, perspectives, and focus?

Watch for registration details to take advantage of this huge development opportunity.

November features Bettina Byrd-Giles

The developmental webinar for November features Bettina Byrd-Giles, Interculturalist, Health Equity Expert and Community Change Agent. She will share with us her real-world application of interculturalism and DEI concepts and principles in changing the culture of a local community in the Birmingham, AL area. As CEO of the local health care center Bettina partnered with local artists and businesspeople to re-brand and rejuvenate the community using intercultural techniques and storytelling especially highlighting the local jazz heritage. Her projects often combine her health care expertise and cultural competence development such as a program for data collectors in the University of Alabama hospital system to improve their interviewing skill through increased cultural competence. This program incorporated the IDI. Bettina’s international interests starting with her BA in international relations from the University of Virginia include active participation in Birmingham’s Sister Cities program. In addition, she founded Diversity University, a cross-cultural program involving six colleges and universities.

December features Fanchon Silberstein

For December we will immerse ourselves in art and how to use art as a tool for cultural understanding and dialogue with Fanchon Silberstein, author of Art inSight: Understanding Art and Why It Matters. (See book review and interview in the February newsletter.) This webinar provides us the advantage of going with Fanchon deeper into pieces of art featured in her book and enhancing our cultural competence through learning to dialogue with the artist and the piece of art itself. The insights in the book are the culmination of living outside of the US as a foreign service spouse, serving as a member of the faculty of SIIC and decades as a docent at the Smithsonian’s Hirschhorn Gallery. Fanchon might even share her writing process and the process for finding a publisher—hint: it requires tons of tenacity.

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