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Webinar Schedule

14 May 2020 1:44 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

The SIETAR USA monthly webinars focus on the ongoing professional development of SUSA members. With this development lens we seek out speakers and topics representing the thought leadership within our intercultural/DEI field.  Here’s the upcoming lineup to illustrate this commitment:

In June, Michele Gelfand, Distinguished Professor of Psychology at the University of Maryland and a researcher of cultural norms, will discuss her book Rule Makers, Rule Breakers:  Tight and Loose Cultures and the Secret Signals That Direct Our Lives.  As interculturalists we are steeped in “dimensions”, know a number of different sets, and definitely have our favorites.  Michele’s compelling research takes us deeper into understanding the tight-loose social-coding that distinguishes much of our behavior in adhering or not adhering to cultural norms.  See if the tight-loose dimension set becomes one of your favorites.

July’s development webinar features Justin Sitron, associate professor of human sexuality studies at Widener University sharing his prospective on interculturalism in the LGBTQI+ World Community. His interest in this field begins when teaching Spanish in public schools and realizing the need for human service professionals to better understand their students, especially their students of color, LGBTQ+ students, and students from other marginalized and oppressed populations.  As a community-based human sexuality educator Justin grounds his work in diversity, inclusion and social justice and in his academic work he continues to develop sexological worldview as a construct and framework to underpin and measure the impact of his work.    

After a short summer break, Joyce Osland starts us off in September looking at global leadership development and her research at San Jose State University as founder and Executive Director of the Global Leadership Advancement Center, a part of the SJSU business school.   Joyce’s long research career in global leadership development (emphasis on “global”) has brought her focus to the practical--what are the “crucible” experiences that produce transformational development in global leaders, what types of activities best produce these experiences and how can this all be measured and transferred into organizations.

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