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Opportunity for You

14 May 2020 1:35 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Are you looking to apply your professional experience, share your talents, and develop your leadership skills? Are you searching for an opportunity to give back to the SIETAR USA community and make a difference in the intercultural and diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) fields?

Joining the SIETAR USA Board of Directors is the perfect professional learning and development experience for you!

We are currently looking for candidates with a strong background and understanding of the intercultural and/or diversity, equity and inclusion fields to serve as the SIETAR USA Professional Development Director. We invite you to read below/click here for more details about the role and to contact us with any questions at boardleadership@sietarusa.org

Position:                      DIRECTOR

Portfolio:                     PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT

Term of Service:          January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2021

This is the completion of an existing term ending 12/31/21

Scope of the Role

The Professional Development Portfolio focuses on the many ways SIETAR USA can help members expand their skills and knowledge, ensuring that conferences, workshops, webinars, and other innovative seminars and programs are made available from time to time.

The Professional Development Portfolio Director is responsible for developing and monitoring programs of information and opportunities that sustain the professional development of the membership. The Director will explore how the professional needs of the membership can be met through activities sponsored and/or supported by SIETAR USA.

The Professional Development portfolio encompasses conference-related responsibilities, such as reviewing proposals for the SIETAR USA National Conference and other virtual events. The Director also sources speakers and coordinates logistics for the SIETAR USA webinar series.

Portfolio Directors are not expected to do all the work alone and are strongly encouraged and supported to put together working committees to help them with the tasks under their responsibility.

Main Responsibilities & Objectives

  • Maintains and establishes policies regarding the professional development activities of the Society as needed.
  • Assists conference leadership and the Conference Oversight Director in completing the roster of Conference Committee Members and provides input into the development of the SIETAR USA conference professional program.
  • Ensures that, for the purpose of professional development specifically relating to membership in the Society, the SIETAR USA conference includes opportunity (e.g. breakout sessions) for information and dialog around: 1. Local group development and 2. The SIETAR USA living Code of Ethical Behavior.
  • Coordinates with the Local Groups Director to source speakers, manage introductions and basic logistics of SIETAR USA monthly webinars. Webinars are an important benefit for local groups as well as the entire membership.
  • Ensures that learning events and activities are structured to build professional relationships through networking and professional contacts.
  • Works with the Leadership Development Portfolio Director to identify potential committee members, to support professional development projects and activities.
  • Acts as a liaison with the leaders of special projects and initiatives, such as the Leadership Academy and Training of Trainers Certification Program and coordinates as needed with other portfolio directors on these projects.
  • Board members must sign and abide by the Board Code of Ethics and Conflict of Interest documents. As all members of the society, they are encouraged to support and sign the Living Code of Ethics.

Time Commitment

  • Term of service: 3 years (unless noted otherwise; 3-year terms can be renewed twice)
  • Average time needed to complete work: 10-15 hours a month
  • Peak periods of work will occur in: Months leading up to the national in-person and virtual conferences.

In addition, Board members are expected to:

  • Attend the SIETAR USA National Conference, the Annual Board Meeting (a one-day in-person meeting before or after the conference), and the Board of Directors Annual Retreat (a three-day business meeting held each year in February or March). Most costs are covered by SIETAR USA to support the participation of all Board members in these events.
  • Participate in monthly Board of Directors teleconference meetings. Portfolio Directors may have their own committee calls as needed.

Ideal Candidate Profile

To be successful in this role, the ideal candidate must possess the following skills, qualifications, and experience.


In order to serve on the SIETAR USA Board of Directors, members must meet the following criteria in addition to role-specific requirements listed in each position description.

  • Possess a strong background and understanding of the intercultural and/or diversity, equity and inclusion fields
  • Be a member in good standing with SIETAR USA (or willing to become a member)
  • Be a member who has attended at least one SIETAR USA conference in the past five (5) years


  • Professional experience working as an intercultural and/or diversity trainer, educator or researcher
  • Be knowledgeable of development opportunities available to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and intercultural professionals
  • Possess good facilitation and communication skills
  • Strong team player with experience working well with remote teams and managing projects

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