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Pictures with Peggy

12 Jan 2020 3:09 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

The first 4 presidents of SIETAR USA:
Esther Louie, Peggy, Tatyana Fertelmeyster, Heather Robinson


Peggy on the Scholarship

Early days of SIETAR USA:

Sandy Fowler, Jeremy Solomons, Peggy, Giles Asselin, Donna Goldstein, Rita Wuebbler

Peggy and Sandy at the
SIETAR Japan conference (1998)

Monica Mumford, Peggy, Esther Louie SIETAR USA at a Board Retreat meeting in Portland

Ann Marie Lei, Glen Sebera, and Peggy at a different Board Retreat

Another Retreat; everyone listening to Peggy
Susan Vonsild, ?, Peggy, Deborah Orlowski
SIETAR Europa in Sofia, Bulgaria (2007)
Dinner with: Esther Louie, Tatyana Fertemeyster, Lew Pusch,
Sandy Fowler, Kyoung-Ah Nam, Ray Fowler, Dan Kealey, ?, Susan Vonsild, Candice Hughes, Peggy


 SIETAR International Governing Council (Boston 1989)
(Peggy in back with Janet)

The SIETAR International reunion conference in Granada, Spain (OCT 2008)
(Peggy in front of George Renwick with Irid Agoes and Al Wight in front of her.)


SIIC 3rd week faculty. Peggy is standing next to Janet Bennett (Summer 2010) 

?, Miki Yamashita, Peggy, Kyoung-Ah Nam, Jack Condon, Lew Pusch

Peggy and Nagesh Rao
Kent Warren, Sandra Garrison, Peggy

Peggy and Elsa Wallace at ICI

A young Peggy

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