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25 Nov 2019 2:48 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Be a part of the very first dozen!

Learning together and putting our skills and ideas into practice right away – what can be a better way for being part of a vibrant professional organization? Belonging is about active engagement and that is the core idea behind the SIETAR USA new offering: SIETAR USA Leadership Academy.

At the end of this short article you will be invited to email academy@sietarusa.org if you are interested in being a part of this new adventure. Not everybody likes to wait – email now and keep reading!

SIETAR USA ACADEMY: Certification Program in Intercultural Organizational Leadership is proposed as a valuable professional and personal development opportunity for members who are:

  • Interested in deepening their learning about ins and out of intercultural leadership;
  • Are willing to invest their time, effort, and resources in this process;
  • Ready to engage in a 10-month long cohort-based program that will combine:
    • Education and mentoring provided by experienced interculturalists/veterans of SIETAR USA
    • Experiential project-based learning
    • Engagement in the SIETAR USA volunteer activities
    • Ongoing reflection to solidify and deepen their learning

Upon completion of the program and submitting their final summary of experience/reflection papers participants will receive a SIETAR USA Certificate of Intercultural Leadership Practitioners.

Are you asking yourself the most important question of ant adult learner – what’s in it for me?

Here is how we see the desirable outcomes for the SIETAR members who will engage in the program:

  • Practical Leadership Skills

Academy will offer a combination of theoretical and experiential learning with main focus on applicable skills and best practices of intercultural leadership.

  • Resources

Connecting to a high-quality professional network. On-going relationships with experienced, successful people in the intercultural and DEI fields. SIETAR USA is a talent-rich organization with a time-honored tradition of collegial sharing and generosity. We will engage culturally and professionally diverse faculty from among the most experienced Sietarians as faculty, coaches, and mentors to participate in the process.

  • Internal Work

Leadership is an “internal job”. Participants will engage in learning from their own life stories and learning how to use them to lead others. Special attention will be given to the importance of leading oneself while leading others (a Personal Leadership approach)

  • Making a Difference

Contributing to the progress of an organization. Having a positive effect on an organization’s tone, culture.

What is the next important question for any adult learner?

You got it – how much? How much of my time and how much of my money will be required?

Time – a few hours a month – will be shared between three major activities:

  1. Participants will have 10 virtual two-hour sessions, half of which will be education/mentoring by five different SIETAR experts and the other half will be for the cohort members to engage as a team and focus on their own needs, issues, experiences of practicing intercultural leadership in the world.
  2. Project-focused service learning: cohort participants will be working in small virtual teams on various projects relevant for SIETAR. For example, fundraising or outreach. Teams will engage in competition to make the process more fun and engaging.
  3. Ongoing reflection (journaling and such) will be an expected part of the process.

We anticipate a great degree of information and resource sharing by faculty and participants, which means that some time every month will be needed for reading, listening to podcasts, and watching videos. Each participant will decide for themselves how to structure their learning process and time.


This 10-month certification program will cost participants $ 1250. We know that different people have different budget constrains and we don’t want anybody to be prevented from joining simply because of money. How to be a leader in addressing financial realities is one of the important learnings for participants of the SIETAR USA Academy. Let’s talk about it!

If you have not emailed us yet, now is definitely the time to do it: academy@sietarusa.org. Maximum size of the first cohort is capped at 12 participants!

Tatyana Fertelmeyster,
Lead Faculty for SIETAR USA Academy
Past President of SIETAR USA

Contact Us
P.O. Box 548
Wheaton, IL 60187-4729


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