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Meet the Authors

10 Oct 2019 5:58 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Authors book cornerMeet the Authors in the Conference Foyer Thursday afternoon, October 31st and Friday morning, November 1st. Look for the table sign and the comfortable chairs identifying the Authors’ Book Corner. Find out more about their books, engage in conversations with these interesting, published authors. You could meet Fiona Citkin, Fanchon Silberstein, David Sanford, Vicki Flier Hudson, Farzana Nayani, Joe Lurie, Mai Nguyen-Phuong-Mai and more. Authors: If you have a recently published book, bring it along and join the authors in the Book Corner.

The range of topics covered by the aforementioned authors is compelling. Fiona writes about How They Made It in America—success stories and strategies of immigrant women from Isabel Allende to Ivana Trump and many more. Fanchon has written a book soon to be published, about understanding Art from an interculturalist’s perspective and why it matters, in her book Art inSight. David’s book was reviewed by Craig Storti in January’s The Interculturalist: A Periodical of SIETAR USA. David wrote Spilling the Beans: A Guide for Indians to Understand and Communicate Successfully with U.S. Americans, although readers will also learn more about Americans from an Indian perspective. Vicki authored the e-book Zen and the Art of Offshoring: How to Build a Collaborative and Profitable Team with Your Partners in India based on her knowledge and experience of India’s cultural approach to business. Farzana’s book soon to be published on Raising Multiracial Children: Tools for Nurturing Identity in a Radicalized World is timely and essential. Joe—also reviewed and interviewed by Craig Storti—wrote Perception and Deception: A Mind Opening Journey Across Cultures. Mai Nguyen-Phuong-Mai has has a newly published book: Cross-Cultural Management with Insights from Brain Science, which gives you a sense of one of the topics that will be featured at the 2020 conference in Omaha.

We hope more authors will join the Authors’ Book Corner. We also hope that you will consider taking this opportunity to talk personally with the authors about their work and experiences writing their books.

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