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11 Apr 2019 1:16 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a brand? Maybe a logo? A logo is important but there is much more involved when creating a brand. For your cross-cultural business, think about its “personality”. Why do you do what you do? What is unique about what you do or how you do it? Answer these questions. For Cultural Business Consulting, our personality is professional and business-focused since our clients are multinational corporate organizations. For the Global Coach Center, the brand is more informal and personable since many of our clients are professional interculturalist and coaches who run their own business. Be clear in your messaging. Consider using a short, striking and memorable phrase. Here is an example of a slogan, ‘The Gateway to a Culturally Connected Workplace’. This is CBC’s slogan or tag line which is used in signature lines and marketing materials.

Also, it is important to state your business objective and the way your organization will meet the objective. Here are two examples of our mission statements:

‘Cultural Business Consulting (CBC) provides coaching in cultural competency to enable globally diverse corporate work teams to function harmoniously with a deep appreciation of the dimension of culture, enhancing productivity and profitability.’

‘The Global Coach Center (GCC) partners with trainers and coaches to develop their cross-cultural coaching practices by providing education and licenses to workshop materials and online assessment tools.’

Another aspect of branding is designing an experience. When someone visits your website or reads your slogan, what type of experience will they have? For example, the CBC brand uses words and phrases such as productivity and profitability to build a business-focused experience with a goal of building highly effective and collaborative work teams.

Once you have identified your brand personality, slogan/mission statement, and viewer experience, then it’s time for a logo. If you are not an artist and graphic designer, my advice is to find a professional who is skilled in branding, design, fonts, color palette, and overall look and feel. I’ve been impressed with the services of 99 Designs and Upwork for these services.

My best advice is to test your branding with several people to get their feedback to confirm your intention. Be open to suggestions and revising your branding materials. Taking the time to continue to build your brand as your business grows is one of the keys to successful marketing.

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