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MARKETING TIP FROM VAL BATH: Tips for Marketing your Cross-Cultural Business

10 Mar 2019 10:58 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Connect through Digital Marketing

An essential component to a marketing plan is to build and maintain an eye catching, user friendly website that clearly explain your services.  Consider asking for assistance in design, search engine optimized (SEO), and updates.  For my two websites, Cultural Business Consulting and the Global Coach Center, I provided the content to a designer and developer who will build the websites.   I found talented website developers on the website Upwork.com. There are ways to build a website yourself using pre-built templates if your intent is to learn a new skill and save money. One of the website development tools is WIX.   I employed the design services of freelancers on 99 Designs for the Cultural Business Consulting logo.  On this freelancer site, the process is to first explain your business and preferences.  Then many designers will show you logo ideas to compete for you business.  99 Designs is also a resource for you to find developers for websites and other graphic design needs.   For digital marketing, I also recommend investigating paid programs through Linked In and Facebook that promote various services using targeting marketing campaign technology.

A great way to connect with potential clients and partners is to join social media.  This is an opportunity to post content, forward posts of others, and interact with a community with comments and “likes” of content.   Linked In is recommended due to its business intention where potential clients engage in discussions.  I’ve joined specific groups that are related to cross-cultural needs such as particular industries and professions. Other social media to consider is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others.  For example, if you work with expats, find your local expat group online, internations, and expat.com.   Your overall branding and exposure to others through social media and internet searches are critical in marketing your cross-cultural services.

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