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Marketing Tip From Val Bath: Speak! Write! Blog!

25 Jan 2019 9:48 PM | Brett Parry (Administrator)

Share Content by Speaking and Writing

One of the best ways of marketing is to share cross-cultural knowledge by speaking at conferences, local events and webinars.   Begin researching well in advance, especially for large conferences who accept speaking proposals six months to one year in advance.  I was recently asked to present at Bamboo HR which is an example of a new trend of pre-recorded webinars where the speaker presents in advance of the date of the virtual conference.   During the day of the virtual event, attendees are able to select from several talks and switch in and out of sessions easily.  During the live airing of the recording, I was able to participate in the webinar by responding to questions and comments in the chat space.

            Writing content for books, articles, BLOGs and other distribution methods is key.  This is especially important for digital marketing as search engines are able to scan for key words and phrases online.   There are ways to determine which words and phrases are the best to use and how often they need to be used in a writing piece.  Most recently, I’ve began writing BLOGs as well as articles for Forbes.com.  Also, investigate getting advice or help with using Google Ad Words. 

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