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Sietar USA Newsletter update 2019

14 Jan 2019 7:23 PM | Brett Parry (Administrator)

About the SIETAR USA Newsletter

As the founding editor of the SIETAR USA newsletter, it is important to me to have an interesting, informative newsletter that reaches out to the membership. I consider as part of my role as President to be the Editor in Chief, and I want the newsletter to be something you look forward to reading.

To that end, I assembled a group of Associate Editors to help with the task of providing more information, tips, activities, ideas, and reminiscences. This is a newsletter; not a peer-reviewed journal, so the goal is for the articles to be enjoyable as well as informative—occasionally fun and even provocative.

There will be an announcement each month when the newsletter has been posted on the SIETAR USA website with a link to take you straight to it. In addition, the articles in that issue will be indexed and contain a link that goes to them. So you can get to the newsletter as a whole or use the links to see what book Craig Storti is reviewing or the marketing tip from Val Bath or the training tip from Thiagi or the science article from Chris Cartwright and more. In January, we have an opinion column by Harry Triandis on the tension between the academic/research side and applied/practical side of the intercultural discipline. Remember in the future to check out the whole newsletter since we want it to contain news of upcoming events, local groups’ news, and a new feature that highlights a member of the association.

It is my hope that you find yourself enjoying the newsletter and looking forward to receiving it each month. Feedback on the newsletter and responses to articles are most welcome, as are articles you want to submit to info@sietarusa.

Sandra M. Fowler

President, SIETAR USA

Editor in Chief, SIETAR USA News

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