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Letter From the Editor

03 Jun 2022 2:16 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


Sandy FowlerIn an effort to keep up with the times, we are changing our format and with that the name of the publication. We like to think of our previous format as a hybrid: part articles of substance and part news items regarding SIETAR USA. We have been proud of its growth and considered it our insightful, wonderful, creative, helpful, community knowledge-focused collaboration!

However, there is evidence from data provided by MailChimp that The Interculturalist: A Periodical of SIETAR USA was not receiving the kind of attention that SIETAR USA would like it to have. For example, the April issue was opened by 548 people—that’s almost twice the number of members—but the individual items did not receive anywhere near that many clicks.

Therefore, there will be a change. Information will now be distributed as follows:

  1. The “I” (The Interculturalist: A Periodical of SIETAR USA) will continue as an every-other month periodical. There will be 6 issues a year. The content will be reduced to 6-8 articles to include: Opinion, DEI, BookMarks/Poetry Crossings (they will alternate issues), Letter from the Editor and 1 or 2 other articles as deemed important, such as: Message from the President, Professional Development, Special Event Information, or other material deemed suitable. Each article will be linked to the SIETAR USA blog on the website, as well as each article being sent out separately to social media.
  2. Conference Connections will be distributed as a separate newsletter each month for at least 6 months leading up to the Conference. It will contain brief newsy information regarding the program, the special events, tours, the registration link, master workshops, city (Omaha) information and other items of interest and concern to participants. Conference Deadlines will be sent to the mailing list. This information will be on the website and also distributed to social media platforms.
  3. Announcements which would include webinar content/presenters and registration information, relevant deadlines such as hotel reservations, conference registration and the like will go out as an email to the mailing list.

There will also be a name change. In the future, we will call it The “I”: A Periodical of SIETAR USA to reflect that it is a shorter version of The Interculturalist: A Periodical of SIETAR USA. I think it is likely to be called just The “I” but it will be more periodical than newsletter. I hope that this doesn’t reflect that people are just not reading much anymore but that could be one conclusion. So, if shorter is better let us know, we appreciate hearing from you!

Much as I wanted this to be a brief introduction to the new communication schema when I wrote it weeks ago, I feel a need to add a few words regarding the passing of George Renwick and the loss so many of us in the intercultural field are feeling. George’s strengths were many but one that almost everyone has commented on was his ability to empathize and ask the right questions that would get to the core of an issue whatever it was that was needed. Joyce Osland captured that describing her observation of George at SIIC in one-on-ones, sharing whatever a person needed to walk away enriched by being in his presence. It was that personal touch that George had to empower others that has been expressed in different ways by many people who have shared their reactions to learning of his death. I will add my personal story of George to the special issue that we plan to publish at the end of June. We will not take the beautiful tributes we find on social media without permission so if you put something on social media, please send it to Editor@sietarusa.org so that we can add it to the George Renwick special issue.

Sandra M. Fowler
Editor, The “I”

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