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SIETAR USA Affinity Groups

15 Nov 2021 6:22 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

SIETAR USA comprises members who care about identities, connections, and relationships. One of the greatest pleasures of attending one of the SIETAR USA National conferences is the opportunity to interact with people like ourselves and people so very different from ourselves. Establishing and maintaining relationships for fun and learning is an outcome from every conference you attend. Finding like-minded people to have a coffee with or simply sit down and chat between sessions or during lunch is easy.

Attempting to make it even easier, Brett Parry has in mind a network of Affinity Groups (formerly known as Special Interest Groups: SIGs, and otherwise known as PRGs: People Resource Groups). We would appreciate some feedback on this idea.

We are thinking that we might start with a core set of groups and are looking for some motivated people who are excited by the concept to help us organize. It only takes two to form a "group”! Here are some ideas from an organization that established their own set of Affinity Group initiatives: they have BOLD: Black Organization for Leadership Development; LGBTA: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Allies; DAWN: Differently-Abled Workplace Network; OLA: Organization for Latino Achievement; and PAN: Pan Asian Network. Each of those groups exist already in SIETAR USA—they just haven’t formed yet! Those groups are present in a corporation, but SIETAR USA’s membership is uniquely configured for a variety of other groups.

A next step would be for you to contact SIETAR USA’s president, Brett Parry, to let him know that you would like to help with this project (president@sietarusa.org). Forming some of the Affinity Groups prior to the next conference in Omaha in October 2022, will help people connect with their clan right from Day 1.

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