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Interested in Presenting a SIETAR USA Webinar?

13 Sep 2021 6:35 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Now Is Your Opportunity!

At our last meeting, the Webinar Team decided for the 2022 series to open the monthly webinars to proposals from SIETAR USA members. Previously the process was for the Webinar Team to identify speakers and invite them to present. Cognizant of the limitations of that system in missing fresh talent and innovative work the Team sees this as a way to broaden opportunities for members to showcase their work and for expanding developmental opportunities. As many of you may know, SIETAR Europa already uses a member proposal system with great success, so we are ready to give it a try. Any suggestions or best practices for implementing this system are welcome.

If you are interested in presenting a SIETAR USA webinar, and application form is available at this time from our Administrative Officer, Karen Fouts (info@sietarusa.org). Please put webinar application as the subject. The application process for 2022 is open now and will close December 31, 2021. Our webinars are 90-minutes long, 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM Eastern Time and typically the second Wednesday of the month. They are recorded and made available to members at no cost and for a reasonable fee to non-members. Registration is done by the SIETAR USA office and production is supported for you.

Scheduling the annual webinar program, requires carefully attending to the expertise and diversity in topical areas held by SIETAR USA members. We also pay close attention to diversity within the membership and ensure that it is represented in the roster of presenters each year. The list of webinars for 2021:


Gigi de Groot

Creating Inclusive Multicultural Teams Remotely


Elmer Dixon

Evolution of Change: From Revolutionary to DEI Interculturalist


Basma DeVries

Virtual Sparks! Interactive Intercultural Activities


Andrej Juriga

Psychology of Cultural Humility: An Emotion Critical for Intercultural Development


Jamil Khoury

Silk Road Rising: Art, Activism, and Why  Representation Matters


Daniel Yalowitz

On the Art and Nature of Friendship


Joanna Sell

Storytelling: How It Fosters Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging


Tara Harvey

Mindfulness in Intercultural Teaching and Learning





Kathryn Sorrells

The Intercultural Praxis Model: Advancing a Vision and Practice of Healing and Justice


Stephen Moles


Let us hear from you! We know that you have something to share with the SIETAR USA community and we are grateful for your support.

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