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Margaret D. Pusch Founders Award Nominations

27 Jul 2021 6:01 PM | Emily Kawasaki (Administrator)

It is that time prior to the conference when SIETAR USA asks you to think about the seasoned interculturalists and DEI professionals you know who are deserving of the highest award that SIETAR USA confers: the Margaret D. Pusch Founders Award.

This is the Nobel Prize for the intercultural and inclusion world. We hold the winners to the highest standards of practice, publication, and professionalism over an extended career in the intercultural and/or diversity, equity, and inclusion fields. Past winners are listed on Hall of Fame in the About Us section of the SIETAR USA website. As you read the following criteria for this award, think about who for you embodies these qualities, characteristics, and accomplishments. Send that name to info@sietarusa.org!!

Margaret D. Pusch Founders Award Criteria

All following areas must be considered and present:


• Publication of works on intercultural and/or diversity, equity, inclusion and social justice topics, including but not limited to:

o Publication(s) in peer-reviewed journals

o Published articles, books, or book chapters

o Work in educational settings, including but not limited to:

o Teaching of intercultural and DEI subjects in degree and/or certificate programs

• Delivery of workshops or seminars with an intercultural and/or DEI focus

• Given presentations within the intercultural and DEI fields, e.g., keynote addresses, conference presentations, plenary sessions, and the like

• Mentoring

• Has an established record of mentoring young and/or new-to-the-field interculturalists and DEI practitioners


• Provision of pro bono and/or reduced rate sessions on intercultural and DEI issues to universities, community agencies or organizations

• Service on Boards and taskforces of organizations that focus on intercultural and DEI issues, such as service with SIETAR organizations other than SIETAR-USA

• Service on Boards and taskforces focusing on intercultural and DEI issues within colleges and universities

• Championing the message of SIETAR-USA to various professional organizations and associations inside or outside of the intercultural relations and DEI fields


• Has exhibited a willingness to take on tasks and successfully complete them

• Active service as a SIETAR-USA officer or committee member

• Other contributions to the organization, such as chairing a special task force or project


The candidate should exemplify the highest standards of intercultural and DEI thought and practice, such as the following:

• Demonstrated understanding, respect for and valuing of cultural differences

• Interacts routinely with members of diverse cultures

• Regularly serves as a cultural bridge between diverse individuals or groups to foster intercultural dialogue and understanding

• Continually seeks opportunities to improve their own intercultural and DEI knowledge and skills

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