Marketing for Cross-Cultural Business-Webinar Recording

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SIETAR USA Members: Go to to access the webinar free of charge as a member benefit. Member logon is required. This recording is from the "Marketing for Cross-Cultural Business" webinar presented by Valerie Bath on October 10, 2018. The webinar provided a forum to discuss how to grow your business and clientele in the cross-cultural field. Valerie Bath provided an overview of her experiences related to the following questions... - “Who are our clients?” - “Why do they need our services?” - “Where are the best places to reach our clients?” - “What are effective marketing strategies to promote cross-cultural services?" - “What are the best networking and continuing education recommendations?” Valerie Bath founded Cultural Business Consulting in 2001, following a career at management consulting firm, Accenture and technology corporation, Texas Instruments. As an expat, she implemented enterprise-wide multi-continent systems solutions working in the US, Asia and Europe. Valerie and her team of trainers and coaches speak about cultural perspective in corporate innovation, productivity and profitability. She has experience marketing both her Cultural Business Consulting and Global Coach Center businesses.

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