WEBINAR: Becoming American: How Prominent Immigrant Women Cracked the US-American Culture Code

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This webinar is about cultural awareness, women’s courage, inspiration, and application. Topics discussed include the key elements behind "becoming American", the 5 key aspects of immigrants’ evolving multicultural identity which takes place sooner or later—but inevitably—in every person jumping the cultures and countries; and the bumpy road faced by prominent immigrant women as they strive to achieve American success-under-stress. Each part of the process is key to the sense of belonging and success. Learn from their experiences—and follow their how-to for breaking the US-American Culture Code! ***BONUS*** Dr. Citkin has graciously shared her slides from this presentation with us. With your purchase of the recording, you'll also receive a PDF of her presentation. About the Presenter Dr. Fiona Citkin is an award-winning author of “How They Made It in America” and “Transformational Diversity” books, HuffPost blogger, and internationally renowned intercultural consultant. Today, this former Fulbright Scholar from Ukraine is deeply rooted in America. Her own practices enabled her insights of what people need for success in the United States—and how they reframe their prior experiences and mindsets to “become American.”

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