WEBINAR: Understanding Misunderstandings in the Era of Globalization

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In this webinar presented by Joe Lurie, UC-Berkeley International House Executive Director Emeritus, the implications of the West African proverb, "The Stranger Sees Only What He Knows,” are used to examine the impact of new media and polarization on our efforts to recognize and respond to misunderstandings. Joe explores the nature and sources of bias, misunderstanding and cultural disconnects in our hyper-connecting, often polarized world. With social media such as YouTube and Twitter, as well as refugee movement and fake news all rapidly crossing cultures without context, what’s left is “what the stranger thinks he or she knows” and resultant misunderstanding. Using examples of culture clashes from the news of the day, in the worlds of business, religion, health care, technology and across generations, viewers come to see and hear that the actual messages and meanings lie deeper than meets the eye or the ear. This webinar was presented March 13, 2020.

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