WEBINAR: Connect & Reflect: Roll Into 2022

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Got goals for 2022? It’s not too late! In this first installment of SIETAR USA's 2022 webinar series, attendees connected on Zoom and explored their direction for 2022. The lead up and debrief to the game process are featured in this video. Not included are the small breakout groups, where attendees reflected on personal growth from experiences in 2021, or shared who they draw inspiration from and what they want their direction to be for their intercultural/DEI career in 2022. Instructions for the ‘Roll Into 2022’ Game Link to the Dice App: https://www.teacherled.com/iresources/tools/dice/ In Breakout Rooms • Select a timekeeper in each breakout room. • Each prompt response is 3 minutes in duration. • 1st player up is the one with the shortest hair! • Roll the die and find the prompt with that number. • Set timer for 3 minutes and begin response. • Next player is selected by the previous player, rolls die and sets timer. • Goal is to move all players through at least one round. Prompts 1. Describe a personal or cultural ritual you do to start your New Year. 2. What was a highlight of personal growth for you in 2021? 3. What action will you take for your intercultural/DEI career in 2022? 4. Introduce us to an inspirational person in your life. 5. What is your purpose in life (Ikigai)? Potential Processing Questions (for the Entire Group) 1. What happened? 2. What are your insights from this experience? 3. Any difficulties with responding? 4. Any easy responses? 5. What about the activity moved you forward into 2022? 6. Surprises for yourself? 7. What did you learn about yourself? 8. What action will you take or not? 9. What do you see differently? Who do you see differently? 10. As a result of this activity what is an action step you can commit to? What do you need to carry it out? How can SIETAR USA help?

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