WEBINAR: The Intercultural Praxis Model: Advancing a Vision and Practice of Healing and Justice

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We are living in challenging, divisive, and potentially transformative times. Today, intercultural issues such as the realities and awareness of disparities, environmental devastation, and state-sanctioned violence are heightened locally, nationally and globally. So too, awareness of historic and current systemic inequities, efforts to build multiracial/intercultural coalitions, and goals of tangible equitable outcomes are on the rise. Thus, amidst the complexities and paradoxes, central questions emerge: What is our role? How can we, as educators, trainers, and researchers, leverage our spheres of influence for accountability, repair and transformative justice? Using an intercultural praxis approach, Kathryn Sorrells addresses the possibilities and challenges of advancing a vision and practice of healing and justice. This session was part of the 2021 SIETAR USA Webinar series on 10-Nov-2021.

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