WEBINAR: Storytelling: How It Fosters Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

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As intercultural trainers, cross-cultural coaches and/or D&I facilitators, how can we use storytelling to enhance and strengthen the effectiveness of our work? For answers to these questions and more, enjoy this SIETAR USA webinar as Intercultural Coach and Trainer Joanna Sell shares with us her wealth of experience and her expertise in applying a storytelling approach to her intercultural and D&I work. Joanna sets the foundation with a short look at how storytelling works and how stories affect our brains according to the newest neuroscience research. With this grounding, she then presents three powerful narrative tools we can apply to our own intercultural/D&I programs. Participants will be able to use these tools to assist them in creating their own stories and those of their teams, demonstrating the importance of co-creation of stories and story sharing.

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