Webinar: Silk Road Rising - Art, Activism, and Why Representation Matters

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Representation matters: it molds perceptions, informs conversations, and influences policies. In this webinar, Silk Road Rising Co-Founder and Co-Executive Artistic Director Jamil Khoury uses the artistic works of this organization to demonstrate how storytelling serves as a catalyst for expanding representation, creating change, and building community. Based in Chicago, Silk Road Rising is a community-centered art-making and arts service organization founded in 2002 by Khoury and his husband Malik Gillani as a response to the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. Using the Silk Road as a metaphor for cultural interchange, its work is rooted in representing the experiences of Pan-Asian, North African, and Muslim communities including their diaspora. The work of Silk Road Rising is an intentional strategy to shift and expand these communities’ narratives. Through live theatre, digital media, and arts education, Silk Road Rising’s work challenges disinformation, cultivates new narratives, and promotes a culture of continuous learning. Khoury also explores polyculturalism and how it informs his company's artmaking and activism. This webinar was held on May 12, 2021.

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