WEBINAR: Psychology of Cultural Humility: An Emotion Critical for Intercultural Development

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There are around 200 distinct emotions and each of them is providing us with an important message. Some serve us well when facing a difference, others are not as helpful at that very moment. Cultural humility is one of those emotions that can build a very strong foundation for further intercultural skills development. In this webinar, Facilitator and Presenter Andrej Juriga provides answers to these questions and many others: DATE: April 14, 2021 ABOUT THE PRESENTER Andrej Juriga is the founder and managing director of Slovakia-based training company Cultural Bridge. As a certified facilitator of Emotional Intelligence and Cultural Intelligence, Andrej delivers workshops and coaching to large corporations and international medium sized businesses across a variety of countries and industries. He also designs Diversity & Inclusion strategies for clients in Central Europe and the Middle East. Andrej has a background in corporate Sales and HR at a national and global level. He holds a master’s degree in German and South-American cultures as well as in higher education, pedagogy and psychology. He has lived in five different countries across Europe and Africa.

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