WEBINAR: Virtual Sparks! Interactive Intercultural Activities and Strategies for Online Teaching and Training

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This past year has motivated many interculturalists and DEI professionals to “up” their virtual game, with much time and energy devoted to learning and practicing new tools and strategies for engaging online amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. While many in the field have been facilitating uncertainty management and adaptation skill development for years, the current pandemic presents new challenges and opportunities. The ‘forced relocation’ of much of our face-to-face work to online platforms prompts us to figure out new ways to “walk the talk” of these important skills we have been teaching for so long. This session focuses not only on strategies for recreating online the value of our work present in face-to-face contexts, but on a proactive approach to considering all the things we can do online from a value-added perspective. We’ll engage in intercultural activities from an inclusive perspective and explore best practices for interactive learning online. We’ll focus on overcoming ‘Zoom fatigue’ through a creative and energizing approach to our work. Join us to add more spark to your virtual, intercultural teaching and training. This webinar was presented March 17, 2021. NOTE: This webinar recording includes an "on-the-fly" exercise in technology and adaptability - see if you can spot it!

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