President's Perspective

The conference gestation period is almost at an end—just a few weeks until the baby will be born. It always takes on a life of its own once it starts—much like a real baby coming into the world.

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Why I keep coming back to SIETAR Conferences

In Category - 25th January 2015

Quite a few years ago, I wrote this list. I return to it as I prepare for another conference and it still makes sense to me. I repeat it here and hope that some of the reasons speak to you as well.

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Upcoming Events

October Events

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Diversity and Inclusion

Restorative justice for communities, schools, and business By
Deanna Shoss

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Ned Talks

The NED Talks for the conference this year will highlight multiple ways....

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Welcome to BookMarks

Abroad: British Literary Traveling Between the Warsby Paul Fussell. 1980 Oxford University Press, 246 pages.
Reviewed by Craig Storti

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SIETAR Conference

Perhaps you have noticed that we used to call it the SIETAR USA Annual Conference. But this year we have switched to the National Conference. Why, you ask?

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Meet the Authors

Meet the Authors in the Conference Foyer Thursday afternoon, October 31st and Friday morning, November 1st

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Letter from the
Conference  Chair

This conference theme, The Role of the Interculturalist, really speaks to me at this time of adversity, especially around issues of diversity.

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We'd Love to Hear
from You

Our readers Write to Us

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 Speaker Highlights

Two reasons to be at the SIETAR USA National Conference: 1. the high quality roster of concurrent sessions, and 2. the exciting list of invited speakers this year.  Here are just a few highlights—come to the conference to hear them speak!

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Sietar USA Leadership Call for Nominations

The future of SIETAR USA depends on its members to support its mission and to provide the leadership to guide the organization

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Masks for the Gala

What is different this year? The gala evening begins with a masked mix-and-mingle time prior to a plated dinner. Both the masks and the plated dinner are different.

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October Webinar

Unconscious Bias Training and Implications for Interculturists
By Dr. Neal Goodman

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