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Dear SIETARIANS, Global Movers and Shakers,

What should we do this month?

In my French Culture, there is an expression: En mai, fais ce qu'il te plaît!  (Do as you please during the month of May). So, go ahead, do as you please and plan to present at our annual conference November 9-12, 2016.  At SIETAR USA we are ready to receive many session proposals.

SIETAR USA is looking to grow its membership family through a quest for outreach and diversity.  This month as an interculturalist based in Florida,  I look forward to embracing "National Older People Month 2016" to pay tribute to our seniors retired or still professionally active in the SUNSHINE STATE and invite them to join SIETAR USA and share their wisdom.

Also, May 5th is Cinco de Mayo (*) and as we announced the birth of SIETAR MEXICO, I encourage all to congratulate Liliana Cantu, Victor Garza, SIETAR USA members who are to thank for this addition to the Global SIETAR family.

Last but not least we will end the month with the U.S.A Memorial Day to welcome a hot and fun summer 2016!
May you have a great month of May and safe Memorial Day weekend!


Patricia M Coleman, President

Society for Intercultural Education, Training & Research

(*) Cinco de Mayo is NOT Mexico independence day which is September 16.


In This Issue...

You are invited to submit proposals that speak to our theme:
Intercultural Stories of Disconnection:
Insights into the Polarization of People and Places

Whether it’s Baltimore or Beirut, Paris or presidential elections, the people and places around the world are polarized – distanced by varying perspectives that fuel society’s tendency to “other” each other from afar – or even right next door. Our differing cultural, racial, political, and religious identities and ideology prevent us from connecting with the oneness of our shared humanity. Now more than ever, Interculturalists and diversity practitioners are called on to offer insights and solutions. With SIETAR USA being the premier professional intercultural organization, we have the opportunity and, indeed, the responsibility to be at the forefront of these conversations. This conference provides the space to boldly engage in the difficult dialogues about what disconnects us, with the aim of bringing us closer to a shared understanding and empathy that such conversations and meaningful connections may bring. Together we will explore concepts, tools, best practices – and perhaps even solutions – to offer each other as colleagues, as well as our clients, organizations, and loved ones, to bridge the gaps and move the field forward.

    Download the PDF with the submissions guidelines.
    Please go to the CFP page for details and to submit your proposal.


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Ethics: Because It Makes Us Better


Ethics define who we are, what we consider to be right and wrong. They are our guiding light, professionally and personally.

They help us to set boundaries; they guide us when to say “yes” and “no”.

They force us to question our assumptions and revisit issues that we thought were long resolved.

In short, they make us better professionals and better people.

Honestly, how much better can it get?

The creation of the SIETAR USA Living Code of Ethical Behavior (the Code) was a long, challenging, and sometimes, painful process. There were times the proposal of a code of ethics met resistance.  It was perceived by some as a restriction of freedom and creativity.  It triggered a fair amount of ambivalence and a degree of unease that impacted and contributed to the vibrant discussion around a code of ethics. We struggled, created, argued, compromised, revisited, innovated, often all at once. This process reflected the strength of SIETAR USA as an organization. The result is a one of a kind code of ethics that has motivated other SIETAR organizations to follow that path.  The Living Code of Ethical Behavior represents a remarkable testimony of perseverance, creativity and innovation. It is proof that SIETAR USA is a living organization with an abundance of expertise, creativity and motivation.

The members of SIETAR USA happen to be a highly diverse bunch from all walks of life, very different professional backgrounds and with a tremendous cultural diversity.  A code of ethics in such an organization has to be an ever changing, dynamic one. One that should be part of an ongoing discussion and questioning of who we are, whether our organization is still aligned with the Code and whether we are personally still abiding by the Code that we signed.  Our Code is not an eternal law; it is alive, and dynamic. A work in progress. It wants to be questioned. That is what makes it so different from any other professional code of ethics.

We are now entering into a new phase. Our task is to keep breathing life in the Living Code of Ethical Behavior – because that is what we committed to.  We hope the Code will be embraced and enhanced by every Intercultural Professional.  The Ethics Committee, along with the SIETAR USA Board of Directors, will work tirelessly to promote it. In addition, this group of dedicated and experienced professionals will be there for you to give answers to questions that you might have about ethical behavior within and outside SIETAR USA. We invite you to participate in ongoing conversations to grapple with the issues and to engage one another in discussions about ethics.   Please join us in implementing the Living Code of Ethical Behavior in life, work and within SIETAR USA.

Ethics challenge us to look into the mirror. Let’s embark on a journey of increased self-awareness and professional development together!

SIETAR USA members who sign the Living Code of Ethical Behavior can proudly display this emblem in their communications.  Members are encouraged to contact the Ethics Chair to learn more about the benefits of committing to the Living Code of Ethical Behavior or can visit the
Ethics page on the SIETAR USA website.


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Sponsor Corner

Have You Met ...


Sharon Schweitzer, J.D., is a cross-cultural consultant, corporate trainer, and author of the best-selling and international award-winning book, Access to Asia: Your Multicultural Business Guide, named to the Best Books of 2015 by Kirkus Reviews. Our team includes Julie Smith, Kristen Eggers and Chloe Ropner.

From Austin to Amsterdam, San Francisco to Shanghai, irrespective of industry, we believe everyone is in the relationship business. Building trust and gaining respect through cross-cultural communication are vital steps in developing meaningful business relationships.

Our team’s expertise includes:

  • Cross-Cultural Training & Consulting
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Relocation & Destination Services
  • Business Etiquette Workshops and Break-Out Groups
  • Speaking Engagements & Panel Moderation
  • Keynote Presentations
  • Corporate & University Training 

With more than 20 years of practical business and legal experience, Sharon provides a depth of international business consulting and training services. Our team advises and trains highly motivated individuals in Global 2000 and Fortune 50 organizations. Sharon is certified to administer the GCI (Global Competencies Inventory) and the IES (Intercultural Effectiveness Scale) assessments.

Sharon is a Huffington Post blogger and is accredited in Intercultural Management by the Hofstede Centre in Helsinki, Finland. She speaks French and some Czech, and has lived in, traveled to or worked in more than 60 countries on seven continents.

Click here to download a FREE chapter, A Question of Culture, from her international-award winning book, Access to Asia, as a thank you for signing up to receive her e-newsletter.

Check out our blog, Access to Culture, for posts ranging from International Travel Planning Tips to the How-To’s of Responding to Political Questions.   

Click here to request a custom training session or to join us for upcoming workshops.


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Three brilliant Keynote Speakers will offer us insights into the disconnection and polarization of people and places.  Their scholarship and lived experiences will enhance our knowledge and encourage our work.

Thursday, November 10


Friday, November 11


Saturday, November 12

John (Jack) Condon


Be a Proposal Reader

Interested in helping the Conference Program Committee read proposals?  Contact them to volunteer.

Wednesday, November 9

Our 2016 Master Workshops are organized into a 4-track framework.  Each track includes two coordinated workshops.  The 8 workshops relate to 4 themes:  (1) Diversity/Inclusion; (2) Consulting and Coaching:  Best Practices; (3) Trainig Design and Facilitation of Fames and Experiential Exercises; and (4) Insights into Polarization.

Click here to view the Master Workshops being offered.


Watch this space!  We'll start reporting on SIETAR-USA's local groups.  Let us know your future events and other activities and we'll share them here.  Contact

Want to get active locally?  Here's a list of SIETAR-USA's Local Groups:

SIETAR NW;  SIETAR San Francisco Bay Area; SIETAR Florida; SIETAR Washington DC; SIETAR MN


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We Like May Because...

May 3 - World Press Freedom Day (UN)
May 5 - Mexico:  Cinco de Mayo
May 8 - Mother's Day (USA)
May 14 - Buddah's Birthday
May 15 - International Day of Family
May 17 - International Day Against
Homophobia (LGBT)
May 26 - International Sorry Day (Australia)
May 29 - Mother's Day (France)
May 30 - Memorial Day (USA)

and other observances:

National Asian/Pacific Heritage month (USA/CANADA)
Nurses' Week (USA) (Week 1)
Wildflower Week
(USA) (Week 2)
 National Bike/National Police Week
(USA) (Week 3)
Emergency/Medical Services Week
(USA) (Week 4)


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