The 2021 Conference Committee has labored long and hard to produce an outstanding conference program. We are grateful to them for all the work they did and look forward to attending the conference they produced. Following the rise in Covid cases as closely as we have, it became apparent that asking our members to get on an airplane and come to a conference that would be held indoors (despite all the efforts of the Omaha Hilton to make it as safe as possible), we could not guarantee the safety of our attendees. We did not want to put our members in harm’s way especially since a totally vaccinated person can be asymptomatic and a carrier. For all of these reasons, we have reached the difficult decision that there will be no in-person conference this year. 

Special thanks and gratitude to our conference co-chairs, Helen Fagan and Thorunn Bjarndottir for taking the helm and managing the process of organizing the conference. Our Conference program co-chairs, Ricardo Nunez and Linda Stuart along with the Track Chairs (Mind: Shannon Murphy and Marcia Warren Edelman, Culture: Rajesh Kumar and Kris Acheson-Clair, Society: Ferial Peterson and Deborah Pembleton) created a program with range and depth that makes us proud. Once again, Bob Boyce provided outstanding stewardship of the scholarship application process. And thanks to the numerous committee members who volunteered their support in areas such as the Silent Auction, Dine Around, Roommate Connection and other areas that make the event "go".

As much as we would like to gather and learn together, this is not the time. We do have some plans in the works to use that weekend of the conference (October 9 and 10) for a virtual learning experience. No, it will not be the full conference, but we think you will find it something not to miss. Details coming soon!


25-August-2021: As it turns out, the prognosis for gathering in person is not as good as we'd all hoped. Due to a significant uptick in COVID transmission via the Delta variant, your Board of Directors and Conference Planning Committee share the concerns voiced by many of you regarding an in-person conference as originally planned. With the health and safety of all participants in mind, we are currently working with the Omaha Hilton to postpone the conference to a later date (to be determined.) We appreciate your continued patience and support as we continue to strive for the best possible solution for all concerned. Thank you!

SIETAR USA 2021: Mind, Culture, and Society 

Join SIETAR USA in Omaha October 8-11, 2021 as we gather to explore connections between Mind, Culture, and Society! How does the intersection of these three vital aspects change how we view and react to the world around us?  The schisms in today’s world—rural/urban immigrant/citizen; and the gaps caused by differences in religion; race; gender; sexual orientation, and politics—challenge us daily. How does a deeper understanding and intersection of these three factors enhance our capacity to bridge such schisms?  This conference will shine a light on the impact of emerging neuroscience applications, current perspectives on culture, and social parameters within the Intercultural and Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion fields.

The three educational pillars for this year's conference include:

Mind: Leveraging Neuroscience and Beyond. Scientists studying the brain have applied
their findings to many areas of human interaction. Most significantly neuroscientists are
increasing our understanding of the mind in such areas as prejudice and bias as well as
intercultural competence and understanding. What can we learn from them that applies
to our work?

Culture: Foundational Innovation. What are the latest innovative techniques in teaching
about cultural competence? How does culture express itself in the work we do, in the
leadership of world organizations? In individual cultures?  What does recent research
say about culture?

Society: Dynamic Intersections. What is the impact of social media and technology on
how we understand culture? What are the issues facing today’s societies in the United
States and across the world?  How does DEI intersect with Interculturalism? Are they
compatible or do they, by their very nature, compete with one another?

Our educational offerings will be focused in Education, Training or Research in these areas. The Call for Proposals (CFP) is CLOSED, and proposal review is underway.

    We hope you'll plan to join us in Omaha for a conference designed to support you with stimulating thinking, inspiring insights, expanding skills and renewing commitments—we will work together to explore important questions and seek avenues of human connection.

    The 2021 Conference Venue:

    Hilton Omaha

    1001 Cass Street

    Omaha, NE 68102-1152

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