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UPDATE - 17-Sept-2021

The SIETAR USA 21st National Conference

 Mind, Culture, Society

The 2021 Conference Committee has labored long and hard to produce an outstanding conference program. We are grateful to them for all the work they did and look forward to attending the conference they produced. Following the rise in Covid cases as closely as we have, it became apparent that asking our members to get on an airplane and come to a conference that would be held indoors (despite all the efforts of the Omaha Hilton to make it as safe as possible), we could not guarantee the safety of our attendees. We did not want to put our members in harm’s way especially since a totally vaccinated person can be asymptomatic and a carrier. For all of these reasons, we have reached the difficult decision that there will be no in-person conference this year. 

Special thanks and gratitude to our conference co-chairs, Helen Fagan and Thorunn Bjarndottir for taking the helm and managing the process of organizing the conference. Our Conference program co-chairs, Ricardo Nunez and Linda Stuart along with the Track Chairs (Mind: Shannon Murphy and Marcia Warren Edelman, Culture: Rajesh Kumar and Kris Acheson-Clair, Society: Ferial Peterson and Deborah Pembleton) created a program with range and depth that makes us proud. Once again, Bob Boyce provided outstanding stewardship of the scholarship application process. And thanks to the numerous committee members who volunteered their support in areas such as the Silent Auction, Dine Around, Roommate Connection and other areas that make the event "go".

As much as we would like to gather and learn together, this is not the time. We do have some plans in the works to use that weekend of the conference (October 9 and 10) for a virtual learning experience. No, it will not be the full conference, but we think you will find it something not to miss. Details coming soon!


At a time when the world needs the wisdom and work of SIETAR USA members and friends more than ever, the national conference brings together professionals from many regions, ethnicities, occupations and industries for collaborative learning and a stimulating exchange of ideas. This conference is designed for those who teach, train, work, or conduct research in arenas where intercultural competence, bridging differences, and social justice, equity and inclusion are important.  

Whether you are new to these fields or an experienced practitioner, the SIETAR USA conference offers learning and personal connections that will enhance your capacity to meet the needs of  of your students, colleagues, communities, and families. 

Do you seek to share your expertise as a presenter and learn from others, or want to meet and greet colleagues and friends? Please plan to join us in Omaha.  We look forward to meeting you in the Heartland of America where the Silicon Prairie is powered by a can-do spirit that weaves us together to achieve our dreams and uplifts each for the benefit of all. SIETAR USA acknowledges and offers respect to the past, present and future Traditional Custodians  of the land where our 2021 conference will take place, the Omaha-Ponca, and other Plains Tribes: the Oto, Pawnee, Winnebago, Sac, Fox, and Lakota Sioux.

SIETAR USA Conference attendees come from:

    • Global Business and Multinational Corporations
    • Global Virtual Team Members, Leaders and Facilitators
    • Education
    • Health Services
    • Training, Coaching, and Facilitation
    • Intercultural and DEI Writers, Podcasters, Bloggers and Vloggers
    • Global Mobility and Relocation
    • Research
    • Government
    • Refugee and Immigrant Support Services
    • Domestic Diversity
    • Global Diversity
    • Cultural Transitions
    • Peace and Conflict Resolution
    • Tourism
    • Communication and Dialogue Professions
    • Community Development
    • And more...

    The SIETAR USA National Conference provides the space to:
        • Engage boldly in the difficut dialogues about what disconnects us.
        • Bring us closer to a shared understanding and empathy.
        • Explore together concepts, tools, best practices – and even solutions.
        • Bridge the gaps and move the fields of IC and DEI forward.  

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