The first-ever SIETAR USA Virtual Conference

Moving Ahead: Learning from the Global Crisis

October 8-13, 2020


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As Interculturalists and inclusiveness practitioners, we are called to action in this time of disruption, ambiguity, and transformation. Helping others navigate the unknown is what we do, it is what we are built for. In 2020, are bringing our growing SIETAR community together in our first-ever virtual gathering!

A crisis can galvanize creativity and commitment. It is up to us as intercultural and inclusion practitioners to explore and apply our knowledge and skills that can make a difference in places of work, service, and learning, in social and interpersonal spaces, on a global scale and in our local communities. Facing the hard truths that our work is far from being done; what emergent strategies will help us move forward? How can our understanding of intercultural and diversity dynamics help shape the new reality of the world of work, education, the public sector, and every sphere of the societies in which we live? 

The crisis has put a spotlight on the inequities, racism, and ethnocentrism already prevalent here in the United States and around the world.  How have the nations and cultures of the world responded to the pandemic, reflecting their cultural norms, and has culture made a difference in the outcomes? What response from DEI and Intercultural practitioners can influence the future? How has the pandemic altered our own reality, perspectives, and focus?

As a community, let’s join our creative forces in learning and growing together while staying apart!  
Registration and (tentative) schedule NOW available!

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The SIETAR USA conference brings together professionals from many countries, ethnicities, occupations and industries for collaborative learning and stimulating exchange of ideas. The result is an increase in our own intercultural competency, along with support for our clients, trainees, and students as we all move forward in intercultural skills, awareness and knowledge. While the opportunity to have these experiences in person is not an option for 2020, the move to a virtual event opens the door to even more participants!

This conference is an event that allows people to learn about cutting-edge topics, and also a meeting place of people who care about how culture plays a role in daily life and the importance of finding avenues to effective relations across cultures - and there's no airline travel involved!

Whether you are a long-time SIETAR USA member, or this is your first experience with the organization, please plan to join us for our first-ever virtual event!

SIETAR USA Conference attendees come from:

    • Global Business and Multinational Corporations
    • Global Virtual Team Members, Leaders and Facilitators
    • Education
    • Health Services
    • Training, Coaching, and Facilitation
    • Intercultural and DEI Writers, Podcasters, Bloggers and Vloggers
    • Global Mobility and Relocation
    • Research
    • Government
    • Refugee and Immigrant Support Services
    • Domestic Diversity
    • Global Diversity
    • Cultural Transitions
    • Peace and Conflict Resolution
    • Tourism
    • Communication and Dialogue Professions
    • Community Development

    Plan to join us from the comfort of your own office - we look forward to seeing you virtually!

    The SIETAR USA National Conference provides the space to:
        • Engage boldly in the difficut dialogues about what disconnects us.
        • Bring us closer to a shared understanding and empathy that such shared conversations and meaningful 
           connections may bring.
        • Explore together concepts, tools, best practices – and perhaps even solutions.
        • Bridge the gaps and move the field forward.  

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